Substitute Groundhog

People all over depend on one thing to

tell them how soon winter will end, Groundhogs Day. What would happen if something happened to the groundhog though? The answer to that question can be found in the book Substitute Groundhog, by Pat Mil

ler and illustrated by Kathi Ember.

The big day is only a day away, but there is one small problem. Groundhog has the flu. There is only one solution to this problem, finding a substitute to take his place to tell the world whether spring will be early or delayed for six more weeks. As many animals audition for being groundhogs substitute, the antics and conditions make for a very humorous story.

Picture books are wonderful, but the illustrations in this book are especially helpful to the presentation of the characters. There are alternating styles, such as single paged drawings, two page spreads, and even spot art. Having such a variety offers more personality to the story, and will help the reader relate to each animal who tries out to be the weather reported for groundhog. The animals are each presented and compared to groundhog, who is actually just right to fill the shoes of this job. Bear, squirrel, and eagle are among the friends who try to help out in this situation, but as the story goes on, the choice is narrowed down to a surprising choice.

Sharing this story will be something that will allow you and your kids to laugh together and enjoy a story that will help you both understand the differences between animals, and personalities. Substitute Groundhog was written especially for children ages four to eight, but is a story that will be appreciated and loved by people of all ages. Books like this are great to add to any collection of kids books,

or to give as a gift for the children in your life. Enjoying reading while still young will help instill a love of reading that last and be built on through many years to come. This is one story that is funny and offers a look at Groundhogs Day that is sure to give lots of laughs.

Substitute Groundhog

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