Groundhog Weather School

If you want to give your kids a way to learn something new, with twists and turns that will be full of humor and laughs, then you may want to give them the book Groundhog Weather School, by Joan Holub.

The story revolves around Profes

sor Groundhog, who runs a school that has the purpose of teaching other groundhogs about the weather. They learn how to read the signs of the seasons, how to read the signs in nature, and how to predict what the weather will be so they will know when

February comes and their day is here. The traditional folklore surrounding groundhog day is included, with a lot of funny facts about groundhogs, as well as other animals. The illustrations done in this book by Kristin Sorra, are eye catching and done with pop-art. They are colorful and full of so much detail, the reader will learn even more when paying attention to the details in the pictures. Picture books are wonderful to share with the kids, but they are even more enjoyable for everyone when they are full of so much detail and color.

Whether you want to provide your kids with a book that will teach them about groundhog day, or something to keep them learning new things that will be fun to know, the book Groundhog Weather School will fit the bill. It makes a great read aloud,

with fun verse and great pictures to share. It will also be something enjoyable for your kids to have during their quiet time, just before bedtime, riding in the car, sharing with friends, and any other time they may want an interesting and colorful book to look at.

Providing your kids with good books, books full of fun, historical tradition, and some silly things thrown in, will help instill a love of reading and learning in them that nothing else will. This is one book that will help them learn, have fun, and be something they will want to share with other people in their lives. Birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just something to give them because you love them, this is one book that will be loved and read over and over.

Groundhog Weather School


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