Groundhog Gets a Say

There is one day every winter that people all over the four seasons areas of the United States of America looks forward to. This day is different than any other holiday. It doesn’t consist of having a family dinner, exchanging gifts, or having a party. As a matter of fact, the celebration is so short lived, that by the end of the day it may have been forgotten.

Groundhog’s Day has long been thought to be traditionally the day when we find out how much longer winter will be. The groundhog comes out of his hole and the spectators wait to see if he will see his shadow. If he sees it, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see it then there will be an early spring. The only thing is, groundhog thinks his day should last longer and be made more special. After all, he is the only animal to have his own day each year, other than turkeys that is- and we all know what happens to them. The book Groundhog Gets His Say is about the argument that groundhog presents when he makes his case for his special day. Not only does he want the day to be special, he thinks the entire month of February should be set aside as Groundhog Appreciation Month.

Author Pamela Curtis Swallow and illustrator Denise Bunkus have created this story that presents the amazing facts about groundhogs, with a personality and sense of fun that is not often seen in a children’s book. The main character is a groundhog who presents all the important facts about his kind, and

insists that one day, with little recognition, is not enough to celebrate the amazing contribution that the groundhog makes to the world. The story is enhanced by the wonderful animated watercolor and pencil drawings that make up the illustrations in this book. The text makes for a great read aloud to share with the kids, and the pictures make the story even more detailed. Sharing the book with the kids, or giving it as a gift, either one will be sure to make for happy readers.

Groundhog Gets a Say


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