Groundhog Day!

Animal stories are great, especially when there is actually a day each year centered around the animal. Groundhog Day is chock full of great facts that will be both entertaining and informational. Author Gail Gibbons weaves the facts and folklore tog

ether, and has come up with a book that is fun to read and will inspire the reader to learn more.

Traditionally February 2, the day set aside to see how much longer winter will last, depends on this little animal that we have trusted with the task of seeing or not seeing his shadow. If he sees it, there will be six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t, we will have an early spring. The way Gibbons explains Groundhog Day, and the way she presents the traditions that brought us this special day, will be something that will help kids understand how much fun tradition is and how important it is to pay attention to all the details of the seasons.

There is more to this story than most picture books have to offer. Along with the traditional stories and folklore, there are also other informational facts that make groundhogs more interesting. Gibbons also presents many interesting tidbits of information about groundhogs. Their diet, habitat, babies, burrowing, and hibernation, are all presented with cool pictures and fun facts that will keep the kids coming back for more. The illustrations do a wonderful job of making the story and fun facts even better. This book is colorful and fun, a great story to read aloud, give as a gift, and share with your family.

Besides the fun facts about groundhogs, there is also an explanation about how animals that hibernate have been looked at scientifically in order to make predicting the seasonal changes with more accuracy. She includes both seasonal changes and weather related predictions in her facts about how the sleep habits of animals are observed. This is one book that is fun and full of facts that will help kids learn. There is no better book than one that presents facts in easy to understand language, and is also

fun to read.

Groundhog Day!

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