Go to Sleep, Groundhog!

Go to Sleep Groundhog! Is a delightful story about the insomnia experienced by the king of spring, groundhog. Judy Cox has woven a tail that will have you and your kids learning, laughing, and loving the main character, as you enjoy this tale of an adventure like none other he has ever experienced.

Groundhogs are animals that hibernate, meaning they sleep through winter and wake up when spring is here. There is only one problem for groundhog, one that allows him to see things and experience things that he has never even dreamed of before. He goes to bed on Columbus Day, just like he always has. He sets his clock so the alarm will go off on February 2, so that he can check the weather conditions and look for his shadow. The only thing is, he wakes up early. Way too early for a groundhog. It is only mid October the first time he wakes up. He sees all the decorations for Halloween and a witch helps him get back into bed.

Then he wakes up again half way through November, just in time to see some of the fall decorations and have a Turkey tuck him back in. When he wakes up in the middle of December, he is amazed to see some of the Christmas trimmings and especially to meet Santa. Santa helps him back to bed, and he once again falls asleep. In the midst of all this waking and going back to sleep, the story of groundhog day is told. When groundhog’s alarm goes off, he is so sleepy when he wakes up because he didn’t sleep very well or long enough. He still makes it out in time to see his shadow, and then is able to go back to sleep for six more weeks.

The story told by Judy Cox and illustrated by Paul Meisel, makes a great read aloud, and will be a delight to share with the kids. Besides being a story that will entertain and make reading enjoyable, this children’s book is also full of the facts about groundhog day. The traditions and folklore surrounding the holiday are explained in a way that is easily understood by children of all ages.

Go to Sleep, Groundhog!


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