A Garden for Groundhog

Children’s author Lorna Balian has written a charming story to share with all the children in your life, on groundhogs day or any other day. A Garden for Groundhog was written for kids ages baby- preschool specifically, but also makes a great read aloud for grades kindergarten through third grade.

Kids love celebrations, and what better book to help the learn about and celebrate Groundhogs Day, than a story about a groundhog? This groundhog lives under the apple tree in the O’Leary’s summer garden area. He is hibernating in his little burrow under the tree. The only thing is, the O’Leary’s suspect that the reason groundhog comes out every year on February 2, is not really to see if winter is going to stick around longer, but that he has an alternative motive. They thing he is going to come out if his burrow to check on the garden. The O’Leary’s think that the groundhog really only wants to know if they have planted their vegetables yet, so he can help himself to them if they are already growing.

A Garden for Groundhog is a humorous story that will have you and your kids laughing and keep your interest. You will enjoy reading aloud about the O’Leary’s and their desire to keep the groundhog out of their garden. Mr. O’Leary comes up with a plan to stop the groundhog and save his vegetables, but something goes wrong and his plan backfires. Reading about the antics of the groundhog, and the life of the O’Leary family as they enjoy owning their own farm and working to grow a healthy garden of vegetables, will keep you and your kids enjoying the story and each other for many times over.

A Garden for Groundhog is full of illustrations that help make the story come alive. The pictures are folk-art style, and add a lot to this already wonderful story. Childrens books are a wonderful thing to share with your kids, grandkids, and any other kids in your life. This one is wonderful to read aloud, and will be turned to over and over again as you enjoy it together.

A Garden for Groundhog

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