Not a Box

not a box

There is a long held belief that you can give a child the best toy in the world and most of them would have more fun playing with the cardboard box the toy was packaged in.  Celebrated author and illustrator of picture books Antoinette Portis does a brilliant job in portraying this idea in “Not a Box”, the Caldecott Award winning book.  Childrens books like this are few and far between with a simple stick figure type rabbit and a similarly drawn box adorning every one of the thirty two pages.  These aren’t the stick figures that adults draw on their note pads at work, but the heavy handed and simplistic line drawings of a child that follow and ask and answer format wherein the rabbit is asked why he is doing something with the box.  On various pages the specifics will change but the response is always the same – ‘It’s not a box!’, thus the title of this adorable story.

Whether he is transforming the plain old simple cardboard into a race car, a mountain or a robot, the rabbit is fully convinced that his creative mind is in fact reality in much the same way that it happens with children’s creativity.  For a truly memorable event and a bonding time with your children, introduce them to this wonderful book  with the assistance of a cardboard box of your own and help your own kids to realize the joy that can be had when it is not a box.

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