Martha Blah Blah

Susan Meddaugh continues her fantastical tale of a chatty canine whose linguistic abilities often gets her into trouble with Martha Blah Blah. A long-running childrens books series, the choice that started the continuing adventures of this lovable p

up was Martha Speaks and has now since grown to include such titles as Shelter Dog Blues, Martha’s on the Case, and Farm Dog Martha. The tactless yet lovable main character is back for more hilarious adventure. <code></code>In Martha Blah Blah, something goes terribly wrong after the friendly pup eats her day’s helping of alphabet soup. Only unusual sounds and gibberish come out of the dog’s mouth instead of words. Nobody knows what’s happening. Until she figures it out, the title character begins to wonder about living a life without her amazing ability to talk. Can she go back to being an average dog? Luckily, she doesn’t have to find out. Her nose knows the reason for her

loss of speech. Turns out, the maker of her favorite dish slashed their costs by eliminating a few letters from their alphabet soup. Breaking her promise to make sure there’s “every letter in every can,” the owners of the Granny Soup Company fires its letter inspectors and believes no one will notice. But our hero puppy does, but she eventually finds a way to get the workers to come back. That way, the soup company

can fulfill its promise of having every letter in every can of alphabet soup. The third book in the series, Martha Blah Blah is a clever tale told with lively, exciting illustrations that you’ve loved in Meddaugh’s original story. She creates these drawings with

ink and watercolors. Instead of putting borders on these illustrations, Meddaugh uses borderless drawings. The author-illustrator also uses asterisks in the speech bubbles to help your children figure out the dog’s garbled sentences. Your children ages 5 to 8 will be amused by her jumbled speech and her efforts to solve the problem of the missing letters. This 32-page book is a great for afternoon story time or when you’re about to tuck your kids in at night. Your children will cherish this and Martha’s other adventures forever. <p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4838″ style=”border: 0pt none;” src=”” alt=”Martha Blah Blah” width=”540″ height=”671″ /></a></p>

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