The characters in author Dav Pilkey’s childrens books come from a variety of real-life inspirations, whether he’s writing about big and little dogs or a superhero boy wearing underpants. The same is true for his highly regarded book entitled Dogzilla. On his web site, the author and illustrator explains that the idea for the book came from a friend’s dog. He was over at his friend’s house watching the Godzilla Vs. Megalon film while his friend’s son sat on the floor building a “Legos” castle. The family’s dog came storming into the room and smashed the boy’s castle. “In that moment, a story was born,” Pilkey writes.

In the story, Dogzilla sprouts form a volcano on a summer day and invades Mousopolis, scaring off the mice who reside there. The scary beast wants to break up the city’s barbecue cook-off competition and to disperse the Big Cheese’s troops with her ill-smelling doggy breath. Can the mice rid their beloved city of this threat before the city is chewed to pieces? Sure they

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can! They fight back by threatening to give the dog a bath, forcing the beast back to the mountain from whence she came.

Dav Pilkey continues using his renowned color palette with his brilliant acrylics that border the skillfully trimmed photographs of the authors own pets – the mice, cat, and dog. The creative style is unlike many books geared to the four- to eight-year-old persuasion and complements the pun-loaded text perfectly. The author uses a Sam Spade-style narrative that draws in his readers.

Dogzilla is a wonderfully silly story, and its unusual style –colorful paintings, manipulated pictures, and rich collages – make this a great read for any kid who wants a goofy tale. Don’t miss this great book. Your kids are sure to be entertained, and perhaps, so will you!


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