When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward

There are many, many tales of friendship floating around in the world of children’s books, but author Lindsay Ward has added a truly special story to the collection. ‘When Blue Met Egg’ is a book that has the ability to lift its readers spirits and make them truly smile. Its captivating little heroine amidst cut-paper illustrations is wonderfully charming and unique, so much so that you and your child will enjoy reading it many times over.

when blue met egg

What’s ‘When Blue Met Egg’ About?

We join a little blue bird (Blue) as she wakes up one wintery day to find that an egg has landed in her nest. Blue, despite this rather random occurrence, calmly and bravely decides that she needs to go on a mission to find Egg’s mother. She puts Egg in a pail and together they wander all over New York City going to all the places Blue has seen other birds, from hot dog stands to the tops of the city skyscrapers, even catching a subway to make it downtown before nightfall. Finally, when nobody speaks up as being mother bird, Blue takes Egg under her wing. They go ice skating, to the fair, even the opera. As weeks turn into months they become inseparable. Then slowly the days get warmer…and Egg starts to get smaller. Blue just doesn’t know what to make of it all, but she knows that she’ll do everything she can to make her best friend better.

inside when blue met egg

What Are the Illustrations Like?

Lindsay Ward is a cut-paper artist, so the book is entirely filled with intricate cut-paper illustrations. There are pictures upon pictures, a whole city that we are familiar with depicted, somehow, in a whole new but entirely convincing way. It is possible to flip through a picture book and skim over the pages, briefly entertained, but ‘When Blue Met Egg’ is one that you could look at for a lengthy amount of time and still be captivated. You can flip back through the book and study the illustrations again and again and pick out new things. Kids will love the illustrations, and adults will undoubtedly love them too. There’s also the possibilities of new creative ‘games’ kids could invent, like trying to guess what kind of paper a particular illustration came from. Just one of the many ways this book is unique and wonderful.

lindsay ward illustrations

What Makes ‘When Blue Met Egg’ So Special?

I mentioned earlier that this is a truly special addition to children’s literature. I say this for a number of reasons, but first and foremost because of the way it makes you feel. When you start reading it, you worry that perhaps it could end in a sad surprise, you turn the pages wondering if what you think might happen, will indeed happen. But the way it ends is not in a way you would guess. You get to the last page and smile and nod, and you’re happy, not because everything turned out like you hoped it would, but because you have been enlightened to a new kind of happy ending. It has one of those great conclusive moments that will resonate strongly with its audience. It reminds us that something beautiful can grow out of something that seems unlikely to be anything but sad. Blue teaches us about the acceptance of change, and while change may not be easy, it does not have to be bad.

Overall Conclusion

I really enjoyed this book. It has great lessons to pass on to our children, and it has an epiphany like ending that will make them sit up and think about what just happened. In addition to that it has great illustrations, and great characters (or character if you don’t count Egg, but I do.) It is truly a book for all seasons, and it holds true to one particular quote on the back cover about it. It is a story that will certainly “melt your heart.”

When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward.

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3 Responses to “When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward”

  1. florence says:

    Looks like a sweet story… i am already in love with the illustrations!

  2. Heather says:

    This is a cute story. You worry a little about how it will end, but once you get there, you are satisfied =) New Yorkers especially will adore all the little details in the artwork!

  3. Jessica says:

    It has adventure, morals, love, and more. Sounds like a great piece. Glad I came across this, this is a must have for children.

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