The Monsters’ Monster by Patrick McDonnell: Who Says Monsters Are Scary?

The word “monster” should strike terror into the hearts of being’s everywhere-so when a book is titled “The Monster’s Monster” we should be doubly frightened, right? If it’s a monster of monsters then it must be a terror to behold-dare we even imagine what it’s like? It may seem counterintuitive but, yes…you might be surprised at what you find.

the monsters monster

What’s It About?

Three little ruffians (literally little-like they’re really quite small) think they are the scariest monsters the world has ever seen. Their names are Grouch, Grump, and Little Gloom-Doom. They live in a menacing castle overlooking a village that is terrified of monsters. They argue all day about who’s the scariest, most wicked monster.

Then one day, the 3 decide to settle the debate by creating one giant monster. They create it, wrap it in gauze, and watch as a giant, terrifying, beast rises to life. He opens his mouth-Grouch, Grump, and Little Gloom-Doom can hardly breathe they’re so excited to hear it roar- but all it rumbles is…”DANK YOU!”

For Monster doesn’t know he’s a monster, all he knows is he is thankful to be alive. Grouch, Grump, and Little Gloom-Doom still have high hopes when he storms into the village, and into a bakery. When he comes out, Monster is carrying a little white paper bag. Following him to the beach, the 3 little monsters get an ending to their horror story that they would have never even had nightmares about.



One need only to look at the cover to know it’s Patrick McDonnell-even if you don’t know him by name, you will probably recognize his drawings. They are comical (indeed he illustrates a comic strip) and light-hearted. They turn something big, bad and scary (like a monster) into something quite the opposite of what one would expect it to be. In this case, a big, friendly, Frankenstein-esque creature.

In my opinion, his illustrations are ones that you could look at time and again and not grow tired with them.



I don’t think there is a McDonnell book, at least that I have read, that I wouldn’t recommend. Grab this for your little beastie and it may change their perception on ‘the monster under the bed’ to ‘the friendly kind-of-ugly creature that likes jelly donuts.’

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The Monsters' Monster by Patrick McDonnell.

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