The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

When you’re trying to get a restless little one to go to sleep, sometimes the trick is a good book. But when they’re really restless, often times what they need is a good, super, duper silly book. Being goofy and getting into a story helps take their mind off inevitable bed time, and when the story is about going to sleep, hopefully by the end they’ll be willing to hop up into bed. Written by Sandra Boynton, The Going To Bed Book is exactly what it sounds like-the perfect bed to read to your child before they drift off to sleep.

the going to bed book by sandra boynton

What’s The Going to Bed Book About?

The story is about a random group of animals that are, for whatever reason, on a ship. There’s a hippo, a bear, a bunny rabbit, and pig…the boat is rather like an arc really.

They’re cruising along and the sun is setting-it’s time for them to start up their bedtime routine. They go through all the usual rituals, taking a bath, brushing their teeth, and changing into their pajamas. But when it gets dark and the moon comes out they all rush up onto the deck to…exercise?

Kids love this random mix up in the story line, and the fact that the first thing the critters are doing when night falls involves activity, rather than falling right to sleep. Working it’s way slowly towards falling asleep, the ending will encourage youngsters to fall asleep, rather than resist.

the going to bed book


Sandra Boynton’s illustrations are comforting and familiar, friendly and engaging. Her animal characters all have large round eyes, thick bodies, and shaded with their respective colors. You may not know her by name, but once you see Boynton’s illustrations, chances are you’ll recognize them. They wiggle their way into your heart and before you know it, her pictures are showing up in your regular routine of putting your child to sleep.

Her writing is very rhythmic and catchy. It’s this rhythm, like the waves moving the ship in the story, that will soothe kids. It’s all rhyming and randomness that makes it an easy book to get really into when you’re reading it.

sandra boynton illustrations


If you have a youngster, give this book a shot. It’s not terribly unique, per say, but it’s sweet and it’s become as popular as it has for a reason. Boynton’s books are the kind you can read over and over again. Before long you’ll be able to recite the book by heart (your kids will too!) but it’s hard to get sick of her stories, no matter how simple they may be.

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