The Biggest Kiss

Playful rhymes and rich illustration make up the heart of this sweet book. Written by Joanna Walsh and illustrated by Judi Abbott ‘The Biggest Kiss’ shows us that affection comes in all shapes and sizes.

The main character, a curious little penguin, seeks out all sorts of critters to see how they show their love. From “ ‘normous elephants” to tiny ants, big kisses to small kisses, there’s a kiss for just about anyone out there.

What Are The Illustrations in The Biggest Kiss like?

The illustrations in this book fit perfectly with the theme, enhancing each scene in a delightful way. Judi Abbot uses bright bold colors and plays a lot off of curves and round shapes to create adorable characters and fun engaging scenarios.

Who Should Read It?

This is a book suitable for all ages, infants, toddlers, right on up to first and second graders.

Should You Get The Biggest Kiss?

Overall I thought it was pretty enjoyable, and it would be a great one to share on Valentine’s Day. There are times when the rhythm and rhymes get a bit awkward, but where they might lack the illustrations more than make up for them. One thing that really jumped out at me when I first read it was how much fun it would be to read to a very young child. It has the kind of playful storyline that makes it very easy to interact with, a great one to cuddle up to with your child and read enthusiastically, giving them a few kisses along the way to show them that … “The very best kiss…/ Is a kiss from you!”

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