Sweet Dreams

There are two faces to the earth we live on, night and day. For children, the familiar day holds excitement, activity, and time to play. The night holds darkness, mystery, and the often times unwelcome promise of rest. Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis opens another kind of night to them-one that is alive and full wonders bathed in the light of a smiling Mr. Moon. There are adventures to look forward to in your dreams while the outside bustles with the quiet nighttime creatures, so snuggle deep into your bed, and wait patiently for a new day to come.

sweet dreams by rose a. lewis

The Writing and The Story of Sweet Dreams

The story is one as told by a mother to her daughter as she is going to sleep. The mother tells of Mr. Moon and Miss. Sun, and how they alternate to give us day and night. She talks about the nighttime animals that come alive when the sun go down as they have no need for daylight, and the younger animals that are awake in the day curling up to go to sleep themselves. “Good night, my precious child” she says “May your dreams be long and sweet-And full of great adventures, with the friends you’re soon to meet.”

It often times takes a certain kind of rhythm and descriptive wording to create a soothing and enchanting bedtime book, one that will gently hold your child’s attention while nudging them on towards sleep at the same time. Rose A. Lewis does a marvelous job of achieving this balance with a wonderful rhyme scheme and lilting sentences which focus on topics such as the light of the moon, sleepy owlets cuddling in their nest, and my personal favorite- the moonflowers. They have stories to tell, the Moonflowers, and if you close your eyes and listen you may be able to hear some before you fall asleep yourself.

The Illustrations

Illustrator Jen Corace uses pen, ink, and watercolor on paper to create a richly colored night filled with fantastic shapes and depictions of animals. There is an almost cut paper look to the illustrations, and I love the tones she used, especially for the nighttime scenes. Sweet Dreams is filled with cool blues, turquoises and greens that add a soothing hue. The way she draws the/ paints her characters in this story is enchanting- one quick look at the pages will show you that.

Sweet Dreams Review: What Did We Think?

This is a lovely book. Sleepy children will be comforted by it, and parents might even be getting a bit drowsy at the end the rhyme and drawings are so soothing. Being able to settle down and snatch a few peaceful moments after a busy day with your child is a precious thing, and there’s really no better way to do it then to enjoy a good book together. Sweet Dreams provides a good read that will help parents and children alike unwind and look forward to the next day and night.

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