Often times the best stories are the ones that are the most outlandish, the ones that look like the stamp of someone’s imagination on the page. Oliver Jeffers book ‘Stuck’ is a marvelous example of such a story. The original illustration and delightfully surprising plotline makes the book one that will stand out in the memory of whoever finds themselves reading it.

What is Stuck About?

We meet a little boy named Floyd who, one day, winds up with his kite stuck in a tree. The most logical thing to do, Floyd thinks, is to throw his shoe at it. When that gets stuck, what’s he to do but throw his other shoe? With each page something (or someone) new ends up stuck and each character or object is more colorful and outrageous then the one that came before it. With his “logical” decisions Floyd takes us on a journey with one objective in mind- to get his kite un-stuck.

What Are The Illustrations Like?

The illustrations are actually done by the author on his computer by putting together various scribbles and blotches of paint that were made on small pieces of paper. They are fun and original, mannered in a style similar to the doodles and drawings of a young child. The words are also written to look like a child wrote them in a messy sort of cursive. The pages change color to match the mood whatever is taking place at that time, bringing Floyds emotions very much to life. This style brings a lot to the book, enhancing the feeling that despite the ridiculous situations that pop up, you are indeed reading the true story of the trials Floyd faces when he tries to get his kite back.

What Age Is It Best Suited To?

In order to grasp some of the humor I would say children five or six and up, although younger children might perfectly well enjoy it just as much. The written words themselves are a bit hard to read due to the fact that it’s made to look like a child’s messy writing, so young readers on their own might find it difficult to decipher.

Overall Feeling of Oliver Jeffers “Stuck”

I quite enjoyed this story. Perhaps that speaks to it appealing to an older audience, but either way it is still a wonderful children’s book. The illustrations and writing is engaging, and the storyline different and unique. Its one makes the reader laugh; one they can have great fun with. Sometimes it’s difficult to have fun reading the same simple books over and over again to your child, but that certainly isn’t the case with ‘Stuck’- you’ll be able to enjoy it right along with them.

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