Silly Doggy by Adam Stower: SO DARN CUTE!

I trucked home all sorts of animals growing up. Stranded baby ducks, mice, shrews, stray dogs, cats, lost baby squirrel’s, birds and even a scorpion who I affectionately named “Boss” (pronounced with a heavy New York accent.) It is because of this that I feel a certain fondness towards the book “Silly Doggy!” and its protagonist, Lilly, who is wonderfully naïve when it comes to bringing home animals that she’s found.

silly doggy by adam stower

What Happens?

Lilly has always, always wanted a dog. What little kid doesn’t? So when she peeks out her bedroom window one morning and see’s something that’s big, furry, and has a wet black nose in her backyard, she’s thrilled.

We all know what happens next right? She brings the dog inside, begs her mother to keep him, the mother says no blah blah blah. Except…not really. Because the ‘dog’ she has found, and tenderly named Doggy, is not really a dog, but a grizzly bear. But of course, Lilly doesn’t know that, so she slings her scarf around his neck and takes him inside where her mother calmly says “no, he must have another home that’s looking for him.”

Heartbroken, Lilly makes up a ‘found’ poster for doggy; chock full of facts about him. She tacks it up on a tree, but really, she hopes no one will see it. Except that of course, someone does.

silly doggy


First we meet Lilly and really, she couldn’t be any cuter. Decked out in pink rain boots and a pink raincoat (even though it’s obviously sunny and nice out) and with darling dimples, she’s probably the only thing that could charm ‘doggy’ into being a big softie. But it’s not just how she looks, it’s how she acts. She has that kiddie attitude that’s so positive and jolly she can look at a grizzly bear and turn it into a shaggy, silly dog.

Then of course there’s doggy, who we see mostly from Lilly’s point of view, but drawn with such facial expressions that we can tell exactly what he’s thinking, mostly, ‘what is this girl doing to me?’

He does have those tender moments though, where we can see mutual fondness between him and the little girl who thinks he’s a doggy.

silly doggy illustrations


Adam Stower draws his characters with irresistibly sweet, sweet, faces in a rather rotund manner. The colors and depictions are cheery, and I must say I am absolutely in love with doggy. I wish I could have found him in my backyard, he’s so dang adorable. Lilly looks almost like a little cartoon character sometimes. While Stower’s style isn’t terribly unique, it’s still quite enjoyable, and it add a nice element to the book.


Yes, it’s a very sweet book. Probably one that would be more of hit with little girls then little boys, but you never know! It’s funny, jolly, cute, and what I would describe as a ‘sunny’ book. It has plenty of humor, and a lovely ending that will leave readers chuckling and little ones asking to hear it again.

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