Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop

It is a wonderful comfort to know that no matter where you are, the moon will always be there. It is a wonderful comfort to know that no matter how far away from someone you may be, you can both be looking up at the same sky, which connects us all. In a beautiful book by Naoko Stoop, Red Knit Cap Girl seeks the moon for similar comfort, but first, she must find a way to talk to it.

red knit cap girl by naoko stoop

How Do You Speak With The Moon?

Red Knit Cap Girl lives in the forest, where she has time to wonder about many things in the natural world. But the one thing she wonders about the most, she has no idea how to reach. She wants to talk to the moon, but how? With the constant companionship of a white bunny, she seeks out the wise owl in the dark forest for advice. But all Owl says is when she asks is “you will find a way.” Struck with sudden inspiration, Red Knit Cap Girl and her forest friends decide to have a celebration, to let the moon know they are waiting for her. They string up little paper lanterns, and perch up in a tree to wait. But as night falls, and no moon shows up, the forest folk and Red Knit Cap Girl grow concerned. Where is the moon?

inside book

The Illustrations

I judged this book by its cover. Shame on me, I know, but it practically jumped off the shelf. The stunning illustrations caught my attention, and I couldn’t help but think “this book cannot have such incredible artwork and not be good.” Of course, that was very possible, but I think my intuition was right this time. Not only was the story good, but the wonderful illustrations carried on throughout the book. Naoko Stoop does her illustrations on wood grain, which give them a gorgeous, unique, look. The colors are soft but vivid, and the characters are drawn so that you cannot help but fall in love with them. Everything about the pictures were engrossing, and I think kids will adore them.

red knit cap girl illustrations

The Inspiration

Naoko Stoop lives in New York City, a place where it is near impossible to see the night sky above the glare of the city lights. After partaking in Earth Hour, an event that encourages everyone to turn off their lights, Stoop dreamed up Red Knit Cap Girl and her story.

All In All

I enjoyed everything about this book. It has a quiet, calming sort of rhythm too it, a gentle curiosity about the world that will speak clearly to children. It’s artwork (for that’s what it is) is simply lovely, and the message that we should all take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the natural world around us cannot be exhausted.

Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop.

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