Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann: For Those That Love Everything Pink

Meet Pinkalicious, a little girl who loves the color pink. Everything she owns is pink, as is everything she wears, so when she’s baking cupcakes with her mum what color do they make them? You guessed it-pink.


But Pinkalicious isn’t satisfied with the color, she wants more pink, more more more! And when the cupcakes are all ready to eat, she gobbles them up, one right after another. At some point, her mum cuts off her cupcake intake, and she does what any little kid on an extreme sugar high would do-she begs for more and then throws a tantrum-before refusing to go to bed.

The next morning, Pinkalicious finds that her skin, hair, everything, has become pink-she even cries pink tears. Upon a trip to the doctor, she’s diagnosed with an acute case of “pinkititis.” No more pink foods for a week-only a steady diet of green food. Yuck.

Will Pinkalicious listen to the doctor? Of course not, and what could possibly go wrong with just a few more cupcakes? As Pinkalicious finds out the hard way, it can do a lot. Gobbling more cupcakes turns her red-and she doesn’t want to be red. Bucking up she slurps down green relish and than chokes down Brussels sprouts, pickles, spinach, and okra, among other varying green foods. Luckily for her, it does the trick, and much to the relief of her family she’s back to normal.

pinkalicious by victoria kann

Opinions on ‘Pinkalicious’

Storyline: The story was pretty entertaining, and it would certainly be a hit with girlie girls or just about any pink lover. It wasn’t one of my particular favorites, but that’s just because I am not usually a fan of children’s books that blatantly play off of gender stereotypes and are geared strictly towards one sex.

Illustrations: Not really my favorite.I little too ‘pink’ for my taste :)

Character: Pinkalicious had a serious cupcake addiction in my opinion. She was pretty sassy and sometimes a downright glutton, and she certainly has a lot of spunk. It’s because of all of that she was a character that stood out in my mind, and she’s definitely one that young readers can squeal about.

About The Authors

Authors (and sisters) Victoria and Elizabeth Kann grew up in Brooklyn. Elizabeth is a doctor in Pennsylvania now, and while she has yet to see an actual case of Pinkititis, that doesn’t mean she can’t imagine exactly what it would be like (and what the crazy cure is!)Victoria, an illustrator, still lives in New York City, and loves to sample delicious bakery items with her husband and two little ones-and New York is the perfect place for that.

When you know a little more about the authors, it becomes pretty obvious how together they brainstormed Pinkalicious.

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