Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

This book makes me chuckle. It’s too random and subtly hilarious not to. Add to that the fact that there’s a song to sing along to as you read, and you have a totally wacky (good wacky) children’s book. There’s also some math facts tossed in, but I still have a hard time swallowing that part. I never liked math. That being said, it’s, uh, good for young readers to get those simple equations down.

pete the cat and his four groovy buttons

My Buttons, My Buttons

Pete the Cat is a perpetually bored looking cat with large, half lidded eyes and a rather gawky build. One morning, Pete decides to put his favorite shirt on, the bright yellow one with four brightly colored totally groovy buttons. He loved his buttons so much, in fact, that he sang this song: “My buttons, my buttons/my four groovy buttons/my buttons, my buttons/ my four groovy buttons.

But then…POP! One of his buttons pops off and rolls away! (Pete’s expression doesn’t change at all.) Now we’re thinking “oh my gosh…he loved those buttons so much he made up a whole song about them…poor Pete, he must be devastated…wait, why isn’t he devastated?” Because in Pete’s bright and sunny world “Buttons come and buttons go.” Three can be just as groovy as four, right?

Pete goes on to sing his song, and each time a button pops off, he adjusts it-three buttons, two buttons, one button etc.. When there are no buttons left Pete still doesn’t mind. “My button, my button/still have my belly button/my button/my button/ still have my belly button.”

inside pete the cat

Painting A Bright and Sunny World

For such a groovy book, there has to be pretty groovy illustrations right? You bet, and while the style might take you a moment to get used to, Pete the Cat and his streaky, richly painted world will soon win you over. The illustrations are certainly different, but each page is filled with bright, bold colors, drawing the reader in and engaging them.

pete the cat

Lessons Learned

An optimistic outlook can make all the difference in the world.

Groovy Or Not?

It is a rather strange book, with a rather strange main character, but whatever. Pete is just a chill dude that shows us the importance of not getting flipped out over every little thing and just rolling with the punches. Come to think of it, Pete the Cat is the pure definition of ‘rolling with the punches.’ Many kids will be able to relate to Pete as well…we know all too well the phases kids go through with their clothes. I know for a fact I never changed out of my striped onesies when I was a tot. The math facts add a different kind of learning component, while the story stays lively, catchy, and most importantly, groovy.

We want to know…Is there a particular item of clothing your kid won’t stop wearing?

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