Oh The Places You’ll Go

Oh The Places You’ll Go! Is a lovely book to send somebody off on a new phase of their life-whether or they’re 2 years old or 20. Inspirational, rhythmic, and filled with the colorful imaginative illustrations that can only be dreamed up by Dr. Seuss, this book is one that deserves to hold a special place in the memories of all who read it.

oh the places you'll go by dr. seuss

The Journey

A generic ‘you’ gets ready to set off on an adventure to pursue your life. You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, so you can really go wherever you choose. But this story isn’t just about the fact that you can ‘move mountains’-it acknowledges the fact that life isn’t always going to go smoothly. There will be times when you face loneliness, and times where you can get trapped into a game of waiting for something to come along and happen to you. There’s doldrums and dreary streets that you must wander, but throughout your journey you’ll learn that despite the downs, there are always ups as well.

oh the places you'll go

The Illustrations

Just saying it’s written by Dr. Seuss probably gives one a good idea of the style of illustrations. Being able to guess at that aside, the pictures are quite intriguing. To be honest when I was a youngster and I read this book, I was a bit taken aback by the imagery, it was so strange and I felt almost eerie. The landscape that ‘you’ travel through isn’t exactly a normal landscape, it’s something born completely out of pure imagination. With a lot of pastel colors, and some deep dark ones, everything is a strange abstract shape and place. You’re going to encounter plenty of bizarre and foreign things in life though, and there’s no guessing what might come along, so I think that the illustrations in this book fit the story and the theme perfectly.

dr. seuss illustrations

Who Should Read ‘Oh The Places you’ll Go’?

Anyone of any age can relate to or take away from Oh The Places You’ll Go! This book essentially captures what life is all about- the journey and struggle to find your way through it. Every single one of us has had to go through the confusion, the sadness, and of course, the joys that life can bring. It’s not an easy thing, to live and exist in our world, and I love that Dr. Seuss doesn’t make it out to be. That being said, there’s always good times to be had, and he never loses sight of that either. This book is not cushioned or disillusioned, it’s completely honest.


If you haven’t read it, read it, and if you have read it, read it again. It’s a touching gift for someone embarking upon a new journey of their own, be it graduating preschool or graduating college, and a great read to enjoy on your own. There’s never a wrong time to be reminded that “you have brains in your head, feet in your shoes” and no matter what obstacles pop up “you can steer yourself, any direction you choose.”

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