My Snake Blake by Randy Siegel: Because Snakes Need Friends Too

Snakes make wonderful pets, although they do have a tendency to make some people squeamish. In “My Snake Blake” readers get a first-hand account of life with a snake who is a bit…unusual. When you’re finished with this book you might just be tempted to go out and get a snake yourself-or rather, your kids will be asking for one.

my snake blake book

What Happens in ‘My Snake Blake’?

A little boy (we don’t know his name) is tucked up in his room one day “hiding from his homework.” Randomly his Dad bursts into his room carrying a large box with a ribbon and announces he has a surprise for him. Upon opening the box, the boy finds a cage with a bright green snake inside. Despite his mother’s displeasure, he releases the snake, who instantly spells out “hello” with his body. When asked his name, he spells “Blake.” This is no ordinary snake.

The story then runs along a twist on the classic “a boy and his dog best friends” theme, except that instead of a dog, the little boy has a snake. Blake keeps the family entertained every day and proves himself to be polite and useful, opening doors, finding lost remotes, and scaring off bullies. It seems there isn’t a whole lot that Blake the snake can’t do, but what he’s best at is simply being a good friend to the boy who loves him.

my snake blake pages

The Book Itself/Illustrations

There’s a lovely entertaining factor to the physical appearance of this book-it’s long and narrower than usual, which is obviously because the book is about a snake. The illustrations are sketchy like, with not a whole lot of vivid color. What color there is accents the things the book focuses on (like the vivid green of Blake.)

my snake blake illustrations

Final Thoughts

This book lacked the ‘wow factor’ in my opinion-but that isn’t to say it’s not an entertaining read. Particularly for those young ones who enjoy reptiles (snakes in particular) it’s not a bad choice. The illustrations were nice, but didn’t particularly stand out.

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