Maudie and Bear

‘Maudie and Bear’ is a collection of short stories written and illustrated in a very classic manner. Each one tells of an adventure that a little girl named Maudie and her best friend, Bear, have together. Author Jan Ormerod and illustrator Freya Blackwood have created a handful of wonderful tales here that are ones sure to be cherished now and in years to come.

maudie and bear by jan ormerod

What’s Maudie and Bear About?

As mentioned above, it is a collection of delightful short stories about Maudie and her kind hearted best friend Bear. They include pleasant topics such as preparing an afternoon snack, dancing in the moonlight, or even just getting ready for a bike ride. They sound deceptively simple, but underlying each story is a number of wonderful things to behold. A cherished and devoted friendship full of quirks, lessons of forgiveness, and how to simply enjoy the company of the one you love.

the bike ride

maudie and bear review

bear sits down

What Are The Characters Like?

There are two characters, Maudie and Bear. ‘Bears world revolves around Maudie… Maudies world also revolves around Maudie’ is a quote on the inside front cover of the book, and it sums them both up quite well. Maudie is sassy and likes to boss Bear around a bit. One might get the sense that she doesn’t quite appreciate him as much as she ought to, but she defiantly needs his friendship and enjoys his company thoroughly. Bear, on the other hand, has a huge heart and obviously loves Maudie dearly. He puts up with any pluckiness from her happily and takes care of her to the very best of his abilities. He comforts her after a goldilocks inspired fright in the forest, he peddles the bike while she sits in the basket, he prepares her snacks and lets her share his chair…he’s a gentle giant who Maudie feels confident and comfortable around, knowing that his love is ‘inexhaustible.’


What Are the Illustrations Like?

The illustrations are lovely, and they match the feeling of the stories perfectly. Drawn somewhat classically, they enhance the prose in which the book is written. The pictures are big and colorful, but not too bright, covering each page. Often times there is a sequence of smaller pictures accompanying a story. I found both characters charming in the way they were depicted, although I must say that Bear looks so sweet and kind it’s hard not to want him for a best friend, and he almost always a soft little smile of genuine happiness on his face that really adds to his personality.

Overall Feeling

‘Maudie and Bear’ is a sweet book, and one that I enjoyed overall. The relationship was quirky and took a bit to get used to at first, but the whole thing was filled with good natured humor, and the characters came through clearly, with both of their personalities shining. The multiple stories and wonderful drawings are quiet and very pleasant as you read. It is a book that, helped along by its great illustrations, could become a classic on many children’s shelves.


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