Loveabye Dragon by Barbara Joosse: Because Girls Like Dragons Too!





Now THAT’S what I am talking about.

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Nothing is sweeter than the bond between a girl and her dragon. A girl and her dragon. I repeat that as you may be thinking “the saying is actually a boy and his dog…” but it’s not. Someone just got it down in the books wrong. Or maybe it’s right, but it doesn’t matter, because there are still very few things out there that can outshine the flame of friendship kindled between a young girl and a giant fire-breathing lizard. There are even fewer things out there that tell tale of such bonds. Cherish than what the book ‘Lovabye Dragon’ has to offer us-a wonderful tale that wraps its way around reader’s hearts in a way few other books ever have.

lovabye dragon by barbara joosse

The Story

There is a girl, in a castle, all tucked away in her room-but she is lonely. She is lonely for a dragon friend. Unbeknownst to her there is a dragon, in a cave, all tucked away-but he is lonely too. Lonely for a girl to call his friend. So much does the lonely little girl wish for a dragon that she begins to cry silver tears that run all the way down the stairs, past a mouse, over the bridge, over a glen, and all the way to the dragons cave, where they form a connection between the two vastly different characters.


The Writing

Rhyming, lilting, fantastical words are sewn together such that, if truly fabric, they would resemble a patchwork quilt. The kind of quilt that, despite the ‘patchwork,’ looks like everything was lovingly stitched together exactly where it should be, inviting you to crawl under its cozy warmth and tuck it right up to your chin.

Translation: The rhyming narrative isn’t afraid to get creative with its own language if something doesn’t sound quite right-or it will simply embrace the awkward word stumble, which works just as well in this case. It’s quite charming, really, and full of whimsy.

The Illustrations

Nighttime colors blend together to create a whimsical setting that is perfectly suited to the story. Lavenders, violets, blues-an overall rainbow of soothing colors-makes this a great read before tucking in for a good night’s rest. The dragon is a little goofy looking, but it makes him that much more endearing, and the princess errs a bit more on the homely side-which is also endearing and refreshing!

loveabye dragon illustrations

Final Opinion

Oh happy, happy, day! I love dragons, and I have ever since I knew what the beasts were. But oh how strange…a little girl who is smitten with dragons? Girls and dragons just never go together unless the dragon is holding a lovely young maiden captive –at least, until now. I would recommend this book 100 times over, and 100 times more if you have daughters. It offers a very welcome and refreshing alternative to the typical company girls keep in these tales- which it felt was comprised of mainly of unicorns, ponies or cats when it came to creature friends (not that there’s anything wrong with unicorns, ponies, or cats.)

It also breaks away from the typical role girls played-that is, the pristine princess who dreams only of white horses and perfect princes. I adore that the princess in this book may be a little on the homely side, and that she dreams about a dragon to fly her off into the night. Also the dragon, with his longing for a little girl to call a friend and his comically large eyes, is a pleasant change from your day-to-day vicious dragon (although it feels as though dragons broke out of their mold before girls did, in this case, being depicted as tender hearted in stories before this one.)

However you may feel about classic stuff and mold-breaking, this is just a great story. It is told with wonderful rhythm and rhyme that lends itself perfectly as a candidate for a read-aloud, and has just the right balance of adventure and calm to make it an equally desirable bedtime story or a daytime read. The illustrations are fun and full of whimsy, and do a good job complimenting the story we see unfolding before us. A touch of adventure, a dash laughter and tears, and a whole lot of heart make this a worthy addition to any bookshelf.

In short: This is a good book. Share it.

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Loveabye Dragon by Barbara Joosse.

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