Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool?

Author Isabel Minhos Martins and illustrator Yara Kono have teamed up to write a lovely story about kindness, cooperation, and how friendship can keep you warm through even the coldest of winters.

What Is It About?

There is a small boy who is dreading the inevitably freezing winter as it draws nearer and nearer. He has no warm clothes to keep him cozy throughout the coldest months, so he decides he must make some. He asks his pet sheep “Little lamb, little lamb, have you any wool? Again and again to make various things-a sweater, a thick scarf, a warm hat… and each time he asks, the lamb obliges, saying that he can take all the wool from his head to his toes. When the little boy finally has all he needs he realizes that while he will be snug for the winter, his lamb will not be protected. With all the extra wool he has he makes the lamb its own sweater, its own scarf, its own socks and its own warm hat. Together with their warm woolly clothes they have nothing to fear from the cold and can enjoy a good, cozy, winter.

have you any wool pages

What Are The Illustrations Like?

Yara Kono lives in Portugal and has illustrated numerous children’s book before Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool?  When she was younger, she would draw on the walls of her sitting room (much to the displeasure of her mother) and since then has progressed from walls to paper, paper to computer, and has left no room for doubt that she was born with a natural artistic ability. Her style is eclectic and abstract, full of earthy tones and scribbly lines. On the background of each page in this book are snaking lines of white wool, curling all over the place, and depictions of various things the boy knits. The illustrations are not “organized” on the page, if you will, rather scattered randomly over them, but it works well with the story.

What Can Children Take Away From This Book?

This Owlkids book is about sharing what you have with those you care about, as well as selflessness in a relationship. The lamb willingly gives the young boy all its wool despite the fact that winter is coming, and in return the boy makes it warm clothes and shares them. Together they will then be able to enjoy the wintertime.

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