La Luna: Originally a Pixar Digital Short

When there’s a big job to be done, sometimes doing it right is a matter of opinion. But when argument ensues, rarely does anything get accomplished efficiently. Often times, it’s the adults who are arguing over how do something, when really the youngest mind in the group is the one with the right idea. Welcome La Luna, a beautiful book about family, learning to agree, and the fact that, sometimes, kids just know better than us.

la luna book

Clean Up Time!

The story begins with a little boy, his father, and his grandfather rowing out to sea in a little boat called La luna. It is nighttime, and the little boy is going to work with his father and grandfather for the very first time. They stop far out in the sea, and wait. And wait, and wait, until suddenly, the moon rises up from the sea. The boy’s father than does something very strange, he pulls out a ladder. The boy climbs up it and reaches the moon, whose surface is covered with glittering stars. Joined by his family members, the three of them begin to sweep/rake up the stars. But then something strange happens, something that’s never happened before. A giant star crashes into the moon. When they’re not able to figure out how to clean it up, their whole mission might be compromised.

The Illustrations

La luna is actually based off of a Pixar digital short, so the illustrations are very cartoonish in that distinct style Pixar has. The boys head is large, his eyes large and doleful. His dad is stocky with a thick black mustache, and his grandfather stopped with a long white beard. Together, the three of them already make quite a visual impact. Add to that a huge moon covered in shining, perfect stars, dark rich colors contrasting with bright gold, and you have pictures so engrossing you don’t want to put the book down. It may not work for every story, but for La Luna, the style really works.

la luna illustrations

A Note On The Creator

La luna was created by Enrico Casarosa, a storyboard artist and director at Pixar Animation Studios. He was inspired to come up with this story because of his own personal family experiences. Growing up, his own father and grandfather would often disagree, or just flat out not speak to each other. He added to this a rather mythical setting, and voila, La luna was born.

Would We Recommend La Luna?

For me, a story is often compromised when it has also been made into film. No matter how much I love the movie, I just can’t enjoy the books (unless the book was written first.) This is usually especially true when it comes to picture books. I was surprised, then, when I actually quite enjoyed La luna. I watched the short, and even after watching it I still enjoyed the book. If you have any such skepticism, set it aside, because this is a truly delightful short story that would be a worthy addition to any bookshelf.

We want to know…What is your kids favorite planet, and why?

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