Jamberry: One Berry, Two Berry, I Love This Book…Berry

Few things elicit the same kind of joy brought about by fresh berries. Better yet are ones that you yourself have gathered. Who, then, wouldn’t want to frolic in a decadent world of berries? Sliding down blueberry falls or trotting on strawberry ponies? With delightful, rich illustrations and zany wordplay, ‘Jamberry’ is a must have book for any family with young children.

jamberry by bruce degen

What’s It About?

Readers travel along with a young boy and his jovial companion, a great big grizzly bear, as they gather berries galore in ‘Berryland.’ They fill their canoe with blueberries, pluck ripe strawberries, and ride along on a train that’s cars are filled to the brim with big juicy blackberries. There are all sorts of cheery creatures along the way including strawberry lambs and strawberry ponies, raspberry rabbits and even elephants skating on raspberry jam (the animals aren’t really made of berries, by the way.)

The whole adventure is packed with silliness, giggles, and deliciousness. Watch for little hints about what will happen next i.e. one page showing fireworks being prepped, the next those same fireworks delightfully exploding into fountains of berries.


The Pictures/Writing in Jambery

The pictures are busy, bright (but not too bright) and colorful. They have a somewhat old fashioned feel to them, which I personally love. Every scene has tons of stuff going on in it, so be sure to look in the corners of the pages. There are jelly rolls growing in a garden, marshmallows on cattails, and all manner of entertaining little images.

In terms of how the story is written, there are plenty of rhyming and ‘nonsense’ words, which make it a lovely tale to stimulate a young imagination. Example: “Trainberry, Trackberry, Clickety-clackberry/Rumble and ramble, In blackberry bramble, Billions of berries, For blackberry jamble.

I don’t know what jamble is, but it sounds tasty to me.

jamberry illustrations

If you get the chance, read this book. It’s almost addicting, for lack of a better word. It’s sure to pull laughs from your kids and plenty of smiles from you. While reading the same book again and again can be tedious, I never get bored of Jamberry. Something about the illustrations, it’s rhyme, and it’s storyline combine to weasel its way onto the shelf of favorites.

About The Author

Bruce Degen was inspired to write Jamberry because of the wonderful childhood he had filled with fond memories of picking berries with his grandparents. They wouldn’t come home until they had made sure.

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