If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

Who would think giving a cookie to a mouse would land you in a whole wad of mischief? Is it possible that a tiny little rodent could exhaust an energetic young boy? In If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, author Laura Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond show how even the most seemingly harmless act can set off a chain reaction of crazy events.

if you give a mouse a cookie by laura numeroff

What Can Possibly Go Wrong If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

One sassy little mouse asks a young boy for a cookie. Of course the boy is going to oblige, why wouldn’t he?  One cookie leads to a glass of milk. A glass of milk leads to checking the mirror for a milk mustache, which in turn triggers a haircut. Before you know it you’re making a bed out of a powder puff and hanging up drawings of mice families on your fridge. Somehow in this book there is an endless string of scenarios that build upon each other-an endless strong of entertainment really. Laura Numeroff does a great job of building each scene up slowly so you can’t help but wonder, what could possibly go wrong next?

The Illustrations.

A story such as this needs to be in good hands when it’s being illustrated, and Felicia Bond was the right person for the job. She’s illustrated numerous children’s books, including the entire “If You Give…” series and Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown (author of Goodnight Moon.)

I, for one, will be the first to admit that I went on a mad hunt to find a powder puff when I first read this book in elementary school, it looked so fluffy and comfortable when the mouse is all tucked up on it. Needless to say even if I had found one, I certainly wouldn’t be able to sleep on it, but my little active mind didn’t think that part through and wasn’t until much later (five minutes ago) that I sadly realized the truth. The drawings in this book make things that wouldn’t normally look fun, look fun. The freeze frame action shots of the mouse wreaking havoc are done wonderfully. In my opinion there may be more interesting or unique illustrations out there, but these fit the story wonderfully. Even mopping the floor looks like a jolly good time, especially when the mouse flaunts a large squishy sponge that is drawn in such a way you want to grab it and clean your floors.

if you give a mouse a cookie illustrations

If You Give A Kid This Book…

They’ll almost certainly enjoy reading it, or having it read to them. They’ll also learn without knowing they’re learning. Children take away the most information when they are having fun, and this book is just that, it’s fun.  It directly expresses cause and effect, and without knowing it kids will be seeing ‘evidence’ that one small action leads to another, and hopefully they will start be more conscious of their own actions in the future because of it.

What do you think of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff? Is It One of your Favorites?

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