How to Babysit a Grandpa

Multiple generations-children, parents and grandparents-will love Jean Reagan’s ‘How To Babysit A Grandpa.’ After all, Grandpa’s can be tricky to keep an eye on…a couple of tips wouldn’t be unappreciated by any reader, I am sure. Lee Wildish does a wonderful job with the hilarious illustrations, and combined with Reagan’s how-to layout of the book, they make up the perfect guide to ensuring your Grandpa has a good time while you watch him. It also covers those important topics like how to make sure he stays out of trouble-and how to get him to take his naps on time.

What’s ‘How to Babysit a Grandpa’ About?

Written in a how-to manner, this children’s book covers all the basics and more when it comes to babysitting a Grandpa.

The first thing you’re going to do is hide when he comes over, wait until he says “I give up” and then jump up and shout “HERE I AM!” Then there is the oh so important page with a list of snacks for a Grandpa, which includes goodies such as:

  • ‘Olives served on fingertips’
  • ‘Cookies topped with ice cream’
  • ‘Ice cream topped with cookies’

The following pages include everything else you could possibly need to know. Make sure there’s plenty of sunscreen on the top of his head when you go out if it’s sunny, and bundle up if it’s cold. On a walk, make sure you step over sidewalk cracks and keep an eye out for lizards and dandelion puffs. Then comes play time, nap time, and finally, clean up time.

how to babysit a grandpa by jean reagan

The Pictures

The pictures in this book are sweet and funny. I like Lee Wildish as an illustrator, and while I prefer the animal/creature characters that he draws more than people, I still enjoyed this book with its adorable bespeckled Grandfather and mop haired little boy. Everything is drawn in sort of that sketchy scribbly childish way, and Wildish tucks away little critters on each page, like the family cat or a small green bug hiding behind a flower pot. His pictures bring great warmth, energy, and humor to the story.

Golden Child

To look after my Grandpa when I was young, I thought a pet would be the perfect sort of ‘therapy’ for him. So I got him a tarantula. We named him Henry, my Grandma freaked out, and shortly after getting him it was discovered that my Grandpa’s hands weren’t strong enough to cut open the bags of crickets needed to feed his pet. That spider now lives in an eclectic local children’s bookstore nearby my house.

Obviously, I did not know how to babysit my Grandpa.

With this book, you won’t have to worry about stuff like that happening. It has everything your child could possibly need to form a perfect play time with their Grandpa, even including a fun way to clean up the mess they make, and excluding the purchase of any giant spiders.


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