Hippopposites: One of the Best Children’s Books About Opposites

The concept of ‘opposites’ is one of the earliest we teach our children. Simple questions like ‘what’s the opposite of down?’ or ‘what’s the opposite of big?’ form the base of many of our exchanges. Because of this, there is (obviously) a plethora of books about opposites out there now, but they’re all so similar, for the most part I might even say dull. Not so this book-oh no, in this case, the opposite of dull is… Hippopposites!


Hippo Here, Hippo There

From the very first page you can’t help but think “oh yeah…this is going to be good.” The first illustration we get is of a tiny, somewhat trapezoidal, red, hippo which is standing at the bottom of an enormously tall building. Underneath it is the word ‘small.’ The following page has another red hippo, except this one is quite large-indeed underneath it it says ‘large.’

And so the book goes on- ‘light’ (a hippo in a hot air balloon) or ‘heavy’ (a hippo underwater) ‘full’ or ‘empty’ ‘light’ or ‘dark’ and so on and so forth. Some of them are easy to guess at (like light or dark) and some of them are unexpected (like clear or blurry.)With each turn of the page I found myself getting sucked into it (yes, sucked into an opposite’s book) and more and more delighted with it.


How To Draw A Hippo

I am actually obsessed with the hippos in this book. I want a giant framed poster of one to hang up on my wall, because they’re that awesome. Each one is chunky, adorably asymmetrical, and just plain different from anything I’ve ever seen before.  As an adult, sometimes reading books about simple concepts to our kids can get tedious, but you will actually enjoy Hippopposites, I can (almost) guarantee it. It’s one of the greatest children’s books about opposites that I have read so far.

hippopposites illustrations

How Does It Feel?

It seems like an odd thing to point out in a review-the feel of a book. But there was something so delightfully satisfying about holding this board book that I had to mention it. It’s dense, and the pages are thick, giving it a comforting weight to hold. The pages are smooth, nice and squared off, and clean. It’s good when a book feels nice to hold, especially when it’s one that will be read to tactile youngsters.

It’s Opposite Day

This book is awful. It’s one of the most dreadful, horrible children’s books I have read as of late. I did not like the illustrations (so boring!) and I wasn’t impressed with the choice of examples of opposites. Yuck. I would never, ever, recommend this book to ANYBODY! Seriously…don’t get it.

Opposite day translation: This book is wonderful. It’s one of the most lovely, entertaining children’s books I have read as of late. I adored the illustrations (so cool!) and I was extremely impressed with the choice of examples of opposites. I would strongly recommend this book to EVERYBODY! Seriously…give it a shot.

Hippopposites by Janik Coat.

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