Hide & Seek by Il Sung Na: Beautiful & Bright Illustrations

When you’re younger, it often seems there is no better game than hide and seek. The thrill of the countdown (or count-up), the frenzy of trying to find an adequate hiding place, the whispered “no, no I was hiding here first!” just can’t be beaten. So how do you translate that into a wonderful children’s book? The answer lies in author of the children’s book Hide & Seek Il Sung Na’s quirky, playful, colorful illustrations and simple, sparse writing. She beautifully crafts a story that captures the essence of this fun, often times silly, sometimes serious, game.

hide and seek by il sung na

Ready Or Not! What’s ‘Hide & Seek’ All About?

Judging by the title of this book it’s fairly easy to determine what, in general, it is going to be about.  Hide and seek. But who’s playing? The story begins at the edge of a wide, lush rainforest, where a group of animals are gathering to play hide and seek. There’s an elephant, a giraffe, a gorilla, some bush babies, a tortoise, a chameleon…a wide variety of critters. Elephant volunteers to be the seeker, and promptly sits down to start counting. For the next 10 pages or so we watch as the animals scramble to find their awkward and somewhat obvious hiding places. Giraffe hides behind a tree, Gorilla pretends to be a statue, Tortoise…well it’s pretty obvious where Tortoise hides. Kids get to count along with Elephant, and when the time comes, they can delight in yelling out “found you!”

But the animals quickly realize someone is missing. Where’s Chameleon? They search high and low, but can’t seem to find him. Will they be able to before it gets dark?

The Illustrations

I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book. It takes a relatively simple story and concept and really jazzes it up. The pictures were created via digital layering, creating a beautiful watercolor, dappled look to everything. The swirling tie-dye colors wash the rainforest in hues of soft color, and fine, delicate patterns and textures add depth and richness to everything-particularly the animals. Keep an eye out for little details hiding in each page-maybe you can spot chameleon when nobody else can.

With so many different artistic components on each page, it would be easy to create a jumbled patchy look-but not in this case. Each element melds and enhances the next beautifully, creating for a visually delightful read.

hide and seek illustrations

Keep On Seeking

I thought this was a fantastic book. I absolutely adored the illustrations and the pleasant storyline. It has a nice learning component with the counting aspect, and there is no doubt in my mind that youngsters will get a kick out of all the animals’ antics. It’s perfect for kids who are just learning basic skills, and still wonderful for those who may have already mastered them. Whether you’re ready or not, here is a story that will get you giggling and keep you smiling right up until the very end.

We want to know…what are some hilarious moments you’ve had playing hide and seek with your kid?

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