Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

If you like dragons, tacos, or both, then you you’re going to love “Dragons Love Tacos,” written by Adam Rubin, and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. In fact you don’t even have to like dragons, or tacos. You could be allergic to them. This book is just too awesome to feel anything but affection for it.

dragons love tacos

Why Do Dragons Love Tacos?

This book teaches us that dragons love tacos-and also what the proper taco etiquette is when it comes to actually feeding them to a dragon. It starts off with a rather comic looking kid (at least, I think it’s a kid) and his dog, looking rather surprised as an omniscient narrator asks “Hey kid! Did you know that dragons love tacos?” Right off the bat, this engages readers and gets us curious, but there’s more surprises on the way…did you know that dragons hate spicy salsa? They can ONLY have mild salsa. And do you know what happens when a dragon eats spicy salsa? Well…it’s not a pretty picture. Stick to the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese if you want to throw a taco party for all your dragon friends-and just in case you didn’t know, the best way to befriend a dragon is to throw a taco party.


The Idea

The idea behind this book is absurd and ridiculous, but that makes it a lovely read as well. Kids, adults, and senior citizens will laugh out loud as the plotline and the ‘formal’ instructional illustrations never get boring. I could read a million different stories about dragons eating different foods, if only they were illustrated like this one. Actually I could read about dragons eating different foods regardless of illustration, but still, they’re good.

dragons love tacos illustrations

What Does A Taco Loving Dragon Look Like?

Daniel Salmieri does a grand job with illustrating this book. It’s one of those ones that, due to the fact that it’s so outlandish, could end up being illustrated poorly. It is the polar opposite. Neat, colorful penciled illustrations are eye catching and mesmerizing (yes, pictures of dragons eating tacos can be mesmerizing when done correctly.) I also must add that the tacos are so simple, but so delicious looking, I wanted to snatch one right out of the book.


I think there should be more children’s books like this. Outlandish, and totally ridiculous. ‘An Awesome Book’ is an example of another great unique book. I think when wacky ideas like this are presented in such a professional manner, kids love it. They eat up the story and are usually laughing the whole way through.

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Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin.

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