Dinosoaring by Deb Lund: Who Says Dinosaurs Can’t Fly?

Who says dinosaurs can’t fly planes? Well, everybody, but that’s beside the point. In this entertaining story by Deb Lund (illustrated by Howard Fine) there are no rules that say giant pre-historic beasts can’t take to the air. They can also wear goggles, if you were wondering, and flight caps.

dinosoaring by deb lund

Taking To The Air

This book isn’t about your average flight crew. The flight engineer is a Triceratops, the pilot is a Stegasaurus, the flight attendant is a Spinosaurus, the co-pilot is a Hadrosaurus, the navigator is a Brachiosaurus, and the in-flight security is, of course, a T-Rex. Together this gang of unlikely flyers are determined to get their plane in the air. Of course, being humongous dinosaurs, there are some problems lifting off, but after much huffing and puffing and flapping of dino-arms, they’re airborne. Once they’re flying, it turns out they can do just about anything, even tricks on a dangling trapeze! When strong winds and dark clouds start to form, the dinos decide they’ve had enough of flying, but how do a bunch of dinosaurs make an emergency leap from an airplane?

inside dinosoaring

Depicting The Dinos

Howard Fine does a lovely job with the illustrations in this book. They’re smudgy, water-color type drawings that make it so everything isn’t overly detailed-after all, having too much detail on something like dinosaurs flying airplanes might take away some of the humorous magic of it. All decked out in their flight caps and goggles, the dino are drawn so that you are *almost* convinced they’re out there flying around in real life.

dinosoaring illustrations

What Rhymes With Dino?

The writing in this book features a rhyme scheme that places ‘dino’ before a lot of words. This makes the dino-action all that more packed into the pages and the nonsense words will have young readers giggling throughout. Example: “Let’s run and push-on three we’ll leap!/They land in one big dinoheap./ Try, try again. Third times a charm./We’ll even dinoflap each arm!”

The manner in which this book is written makes it grand for read-alouds.

Other Dino Books

Also written by Deb Lund and illustrated by Howard Fine are two other books about our favorite Dino crew. One is called “Dinosailors” and the other, “All Aboard the Dinotrain.” I have yet to read those, but I grew quite fond of our adventuresome, colorful cast throughout Dinosoaring that I think I’ll have to check them out.

Our Final Thoughts

This is a fun little book. The whole ridiculous notion of dinosaurs flying an airplane will greatly entertain children (the most ridiculous stories often seem the best for them, right?) The illustrations were lovely and colorful and matched the feel of the book perfectly. The rhyme scheme made this a great story for read-aloud time, and also a catchy one for young readers to read on their own. If you like this book, be sure to check out Dinosailors and All Aboard the Dinotrain as well.


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