Cookiebot by Katie Van Camp: To Cookie or Not to Cookie?

Katie Van Camp, author of Harry & Horsie, brings back the dynamic duo in Cookiebot! A tale that speaks to the inner child in all of us…that one that want’s the cookies, even though we’re not supposed to have them…

To Cookie Or Not To Cookie?

It was actually my boyfriend who picked out Cookiebot for me to review. This is not surprising. He loves robots, and he loves cookies, and he loves…cookies, and then he loves me. I have half a mind to believe he sent the author a letter to write this book. For him and little kids everywhere, this story taps into the sweet genius that inspires the most desperate maneuvers to get at something yummy.

Harry and Horsie need to find something to eat, but for a reason unknown to them Harry’s mother has placed the cookies on top of the refrigerator. How very strange. Harry is stumped, but the steadfast quick thinking Horsie comes up with a brilliant idea to reach them. Together they must build a contraption called…Cookiebot! But something goes terribly wrong with Cookiebot, and with Harry trapped in cockpit it’s up to Horsie to once again use his genius to stop the rampaging robot and save his best friend…not to mention all the cookies in the city.

cookiebot book


Old school, retro illustrations in shades of muted blue, cream, red and yellow, make for an interesting read. Unless you’ve decided to pick up a comic book you probably aren’t going to find these illustrations in many books geared towards young children.

As to how I felt about them it was a bit of a toss up.  Part of me really liked them, and part of me wasn’t so sure. At times they seemed busy and hard to follow, at other times they seemed beyond cool. I can appreciate the artistic individuality in this book certainly, but whether or not a reader loves it can’t really be generalized. With something this unique, it will vary greatly from reader to reader.

cookiebot illustrations

Would We Recommend It?

If you’re looking for something different, then yes! Cookiebot is perfect for trying something a little out of the ordinary. If you want like Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle classic then no…Cookiebot is not the book for you. Then again, it’s really about your kids, who you know best, so take a look at some of the photos and see if it seems like something they’d be interested in. The actual storyline itself is funny and for youngsters, very suspenseful. If there’s one thing there’s almost no doubt about it’s the fact that Cookiebot will grab their attention right off the bat.

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