Chloe by Peter McCarty: About Family & How Important It Really Is

Family time is so very important. Whether you have a small family, or a giant family, spending quality time with each other just can’t be beat. In Peter McCartys’ ‘Chloe’ a happy family is the main focus of the story…but what do they do when something comes along and disrupts their time together?


Smack Dab In the Middle

Our protagonist, Chloe, is a little bunny rabbit in a big family. She has 10 older brothers and sisters, and 10 younger brothers and sisters. One might think she’d be unhappy being smack dab in the middle of such a large family, but she’s really quite the opposite. She loves her family, and she can’t get enough of what she deems ‘family fun time’, or the time at the end of the day that her whole family gets to be together.

But one day, something happens. Her Dad brings home a new T.V. set. Everyone else seems thrilled, except for Chloe, and her loyal pajama wearing baby sister-Bridget. Watching T.V. will take away from family fun time in Chloes mind-but how on earth is she to drag everyone away from the screen? A box, some bubble wrap, and inspiration hits. How can anyone resist the pleasant pop pop pop of bubble wrap? A pleasantly unexpected and humorous ending will surprise readers and give them a good chuckle.


The Illustrations

The illustrations for ‘Chloe’ are certainly different. There are quite a few different books about bunny rabbits out there, but I don’t think any of them look quite like Chloe’s family. There is something intensely satisfying about the matte finish to the drawings, and all the little sketchy details. The drawings are of colored ink, and that sparse layout of the text enhances the look. The background is for the most part empty, so the reader’s attention is focused mainly on the sweet little rabbits and their comings and goings.

chloe illustrations

The Message

This book speaks to quite a few families nowadays. There is nothing wrong with watching a family movie, or a T.V. show together-as long as it doesn’t entirely erase all other activities. We get so caught up in the simple entertainment that we lose touch with one another. It is, as exemplified in Chloe, important to always have ‘family fun time’ away from the screen.

What Did We think of Chloe?

I thought this was quite an enjoyable children’s book. When I was growing up, I feel as though I often took my family for granted. I spent so much time in my teen years trying to get away from them that I didn’t really appreciate the time we spent together until I went off to college. Now, years later, I often slink back for a nice family dinner about once a week, and I appreciate it much more than I used to.

For little ones who may act the same way, whether or not it’s now or later in life, this book is a nice reminder that nothing can really replace spending time with family and engaging in different activities with them.

Chloe by Peter McCarty

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