An Awesome Book!: The Importance That Lies in Children Dreaming Big

It may seem lofty to title your book simply “An Awesome Book.” But it’s not, not when it really is awesome. Then it’s just honest.

The first time I picked up An Awesome Book I thought to myself “what the heck is on the cover?” I had to find out. I intended to flip through it, but from page one I was sucked into a world filled with dreams so big there was no way I could escape-even if I wanted to.

an awesome book

What Is It About?

Essentially the book is talking about the importance that lies in children dreaming big. The point is exemplified in many scenarios that highlight that tragedy that is people giving up or quitting and becoming dulled. We live in a world where people just want regular cars…not cars that run on jellybeans. And how sad is it people dream about getting matching silverware, or a cellphone, when they could be dreaming of watermelon boats and teeny tiny trumpet players that train pet raccoons?

It speaks pretty directly to children, but perhaps even more directly to the inner child in every adult. It’s a beautiful thing to read, that encouragement of dreaming not just of dull success’s, but of vivid, fanciful ideas that for all we know could become reality.

an awesome book by dallas clayton

‘An Awesome Book’ Illustrations

Fantastical! This is a book all about dreaming, and it’s illustrations capture the whimsy of this topic so well it feels like you might as well be looking in through a window into your own dreamscape. Seriously, there were some pages where I saw something and was like “I feel like I may have dreamt that before…”

The pictures are colorful, and very very odd. Many of the pages are chock full of pictures. From spreads of matching silverware, to pages of rocket powered unicorns, just about everything the author could have dreamed up (pun intended) is on the pages of this book. There are plenty of beasties too, strange looking, but executed beautifully. As I read the book my thoughts about the pictures progressed as such- “I’ve never seen anything like this…these are so weird…do I like them? Yes, yes I love them!”

an awesome book illustrations

Love, Love, Love!

Get this book. It’s strange, and bizarre, and may have you taken aback at multiple times throughout it, but it’s a great thing to experience. Each page has you nodding along like “that’s so true” or shaking your head like “what on earth…?”

Our world is run on dreams, so encourage your little one to keep on dreaming BIG. And you too, remind yourself that you don’t have to live for the next paycheck or promotion at work. Dream some dreams that are your own and then dream a million more “and not a million quiet dreams, a million dreams that ROAR.”

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