A World of Food: Truly a Feast for Your Eyes

Truly a feast for your eyes, A World Of Food is an incredible picture book. Written by photographer Carl Warner, it features 12 “landscapes” made entirely of food. It’s a delicious journey through the flavors of our world, and an engaging and highly entertaining read.

a world of food

If Only…

Everyone, I don’t care who you are, or how young or old you are, has some sort of fascination with landscapes made out of food. We dream about jumping into pools of pudding, or tearing soft handfuls out of a ground made of marshmallows. Yes, we all have ‘food fantasies,’ but perhaps not quite as much as one particular group of human beings-children. In their boundless imaginations, there can be mountains topped with sugar, or factories with candy landscapes inside (Sorry, I had to reference Willy Wonka at some point.)

There is the possibility, in their minds, that a land does exist out there, blooming with flavorful flowers and shaded by maple candy trees. Or, if they’re old enough to realize this isn’t true, they’re still going to dream about it.

If only there were such fantastical places in existence…but there’s not. This doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t still entertain the thought. Open up this book, turn the page, and for a little while you can lose yourself in a flavorful, colorful, world of food.

a world of food illustrations

The Landscapes

Each page of this book is filled with a fantastic landscape that has been made entirely out of food, and corresponding to a certain color. For example, the first page addresses if all the world were yellow, and shows us a picture of a couscous and rice desert. It’s dotted with Swiss cheese pyramids, and an oasis is shaded by yellow pepper palm trees. Tortilla chips poke up here and there, and lemon slices float on the ponds surface.

Each page has a new color, with a new food landscape. On the side of the page is a wonderful description of each setting i.e. “If all the world were orange/We’d live in pumpkin houses/Where carrots, beans, and tangerines/Form rocks and trees around us.”

“Sunny streams of orange juice/Would tumble over peaches/And lap the shores of mango stone/on lazy lentil beaches.”

Not only are we being engaged visually, but the rhythmic flow of words enhance the already vivid pictures.

Playing With Our Food

I think this is a gem of a book. Sure I am a foodie but hey, how can you resist a world made out of chocolate cake and melted toffee lakes? This is one of those children’s books that I found so entertaining, it would be one of those books that even if the kid was distracted or didn’t want to read, I’d read the book anyways. Or sneak off after they’ve gone to bed and read again, more thoroughly.

Both kids and adults will be grabbed by the intriguing (and yummy) photographs and then hooked in with the lilting rhyme and the sheer amount of imagination that has been poured into every page.

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