A Home for Bird by Phillip C. Stead

Once again, Phillip C. Stead has created a stunning children’s book. ‘A Home For Bird’ is a beautiful, touching tale that you can’t help but fall in love with. From the characters to the lovely illustration, this is a book worth reading.

a home for bird

What’s It About?

Vernon the toad is a scrawny little fellow who enjoys foraging for treasures. One day when he is out and about, he stumbled upon a blue bird who is oddly quiet. Immediately the readers see that this bird has buttons for eyes and wooden feet, but of course, Vernon just thinks he’s a real bird. He goes on to introduce Bird to his friends, Skunk and Porcupine. When Bird doesn’t say anything, Vernon explains that he’s simply a good listener, of course. He takes Bird on all kinds of pleasant adventures then, going to the river, the forest, foraging, cloud watching…but still, Bird is silent. “Is he unhappy?” Vernon worries. His friends have no answer, other than he may be homesick. Vernon takes their suggestion to heart, and prepares to set off on a journey to find a home for Bird.

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Picture Perfect

Where to start, where to start…well, the last name Stead kind of speaks for itself. While not illustrated by Erin Stead with her signature woodblock style, they are none the less a joy to look at. Water color, mixed with a pencil makes them totally unique as well. Even Bird is drawn expressively and well…Bird isn’t even real. Vernon is perhaps my favorite though-he’s gawky, but lovable and adorable.

a home for bird illustrations

Possible Lessons

One of the biggest messages kids can pull away from this story is the fact that great friendship’s don’t have to involve a lot of words. Sometimes the best of friends are the ones that simply listen.

Should You Read It?

Phillip Stead, who wrote “A Sick Day For Amos Mcgee,” always has books worth reading at least once, in my opinion. They usually involve a positive message about friendship and our relationship with those around us, and the illustrations are captivating and endearing.

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A Home for Bird by Philip C. Stead.

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