A Giraffe Did One

There are those topics that are just plain awkward to discuss clearly with your children, but they’re still important things to learn about. Author Jerry Pallota’s ‘A Giraffe Did One’ breaches a sensitive subject with a light and humorous approach that will diffuse any discomfort when explaining to your child just what their body is up to.

a giraffe did one by jerry pallota

Who Did What? A Giraffe Did One

A worm did one underground, a mouse did one with hardly a sound, a turtle does one underwater and makes a little bubble, and when a pig does one well…that’s just trouble. Just what can all these animals be doing? It’s not that hard to guess for adults reading the story, but for children they’ll love guessing what everyone’s doing, and when they figure it out, they’ll definitely have a great time laughing about it (and you’ll probably laugh too.) It was around the third page when I realized what the book was about, and I’ll admit it, I definitely chuckled.

an ant did one

a worm did one

a giraffe did one review

Why Talk About It?

I think that coming from an older generation a lot of us were raised to hide or be ashamed of some of our bodily functions, but there’s been more and more realization that it’s important to teach children that what they’re doing is just fine and normal, and of course there are manners to be observed and they must learn those as well. If you approach awkward subjects openly, kids will be able to deal with their actions in a much more mature way. Instead of being shrouded in mystery, they’ll understand the workings of their body and ways to go about dealing with the situations that arise with all of us at some point.

a giraffe did one illustrations

Why Books Are So Great

Ok there’s a million billion reasons why books are wonderful, but one of those reasons is that they can make things so much easier to explain. ‘A Giraffe Did One’ is a great way to start off a conversation with your child that you may have been hesitant to start before. Tatjana Mai-Wyss does the illustrations, and the facial expressions and the way she draws the animals makes the whole thing funny and enjoyable. It really is beneficial for both you and your child to be able to talk openly about things deemed ‘embarrassing.’ After reading this story you’ll let out a sigh of relief and your kid will have a much better understanding of what’s going on around them.


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