Encyclopedia Prehistorica Pop-Up Books

Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart are quite simply masters of the 3-D World. They’ve created a series of pop-up books that are truly amazing and inspiring. Each of the books on this list covers a different subject, but all of them focus on ancient animals or mythological creatures that we can only dream about.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Pop Up Books

mega beasts Mega Beasts: This is the final book of the 3 books in the Prehistorica series, but it contains some of the most awe-inspiring beasts of them all. We’re talking about saber toothed tigers, bears that were taller than buildings, and of course the favorite of children everywhere: the wooly mammoth. These creatures come to life, along with long extinct birds and giant lizards who could fly. In fact, the book has more than 35 impressive pop ups that will work wonders to get kids excited about history, the world around them, and the animals that used to call our earth their home.
dinosaurs Dinosaurs: The book begins with a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting out of the page, showing off his mouth full of sharp teeth. The next page shows a raptor as it unfurls and gets ready to fly off the page. In total the book features 6 huge spreads with large pop-outs and smaller pop-outs and text. There is plenty of information in this book to help kids learn more about dinosaurs, but there’s also some captivating humor too. For example, one pop up imagines a Victorian New Year’s dinner if it was in the stomach of the dinosaur, and another depicts two scientists who are having a literal tug of war over bones.
sharks and other sea monsters Sharks and Other Sea Monsters: Sharks may still be around today, but their ancient counterparts were so massive that it’s hard to even imagine them. They shared the ocean with creatures like giant scorpions, enormous squid and many other sea animals depicted in this book. It’s chock full of fascinating information and over thirty-five awe-inspiring pop-ups. This is one of the pop-up books that will get kids excited to learn more about the mysteries of the deep. From kids who know nothing about the deep sea to those who’ve studied the topic for years, everyone can learn something from this volume.

Encyclopedia Mythologica

dragons and monsters Dragons and Monsters: Readers are treated to a host of mythological creatures, from Karakens grappling with the oceans, to Eastern and Western dragons, and even a Medusa. As the pages are turned, so many new creatures will spring to life, including a vampire rising from a coffin, a lycanthrope that gets caught in the light of a full moon, a Bigfoot hiding behind a tree, and many more. This is a truly impressive volume and one of the classic pop-up books. Kids who already have an interest in the subject of dragons and monsters will learn about new creatures, while those who are new to the genre will wonder at every page.
fairies and magical creatures Fairies and Magical Creatures: There are plenty of children’s books that deal with fairies and magic, but none that do so quite impressively as this volume. Readers will met Queen Titania of Shakespeare fame, who bursts out of the page with her silver wings. They’ll see a crystalline castle of elves rise toward the clouds, and if they look closely they’ll see trolls and goblins hiding nearby. Perhaps the most impressive spread is the majestic tree whose branches span to reveal a face within the foliage. When tabs are pulled and flowers are rearranged, the tree turns to flower fairies before the reader’s eye.
gods and heroes Gods and Heroes: Since the beginning of time, people have tried to understand the mysteries of the Earth – and have wished that mere mortals could be heroes. Before science caught up with the times, only gods could explain the sun moving across the sky, or the mountains that touched the sky. This book takes the reader on a magical journey through different regions of the world to learn about their ancient gods and heroes. From Zeus to Ra-Atum, from the Fat East to Oceania, those looking for a pop-up book that spans the entire world and a wide range of cultures will be greatly impressed by this book.

The children’s books in these two dynamic series are full of wonder, mystery and exciting pop-ups. From ancient creatures to ancient gods, there is so much to be learned and it’s so easy to get kids excited to do so when they’re presented with books that make it an interactive experience.

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