Dr. Seuss Pop-Up Books

When it comes to classic children’s books, one of the first names that comes to mind for most people is Dr. Seuss. His books have charmed kids and adults alike for generations, thanks to the clever language and unique characters. Now with these pop-up books, they’re more interactive and interesting than ever before.

Dr. Seuss Pop Up Books

oh, the places you’ll go pop-up Oh, The Places You’ll Go Pop-Up: This book was turned into a pop up book on the 20th anniversary of its initial publication. It’s been in print since it was first released, and is one of the best selling children’s books of all time. It tells the story of finding ones way through the maze of life and coming out the other end wiser and happier for the journey. It’s a classic in every sense, and is filled with the rhymes and child-like wonder that Dr. Seuss is famous for.

The pop up elements of this book were completed by David A. Carter, who’s a master paper engineer. Special features abound, and there are surprises around every turn and on every page. Detailed pop up booklets and the complete original text are seamlessly combined to create an experience that’s even better than the original and that really gets kids of all ages engrossed in the story.

the lorax pop-up! The Lorax Pop-Up!: The Lorax was first published in 1971 and is widely known as Dr. Seuss’s most environmentally conscious book. It shows the dangers of not taking care of our planet and encourages parents and children alike to be good stewards of the earth. This powerful message is told through the Lorax and the Bar-ba-loots, the Truffula Tree Tufts – and many other dynamic characters. The story is even more popular than ever, thanks to the recently released Lorax motion picture.

Once again, David A. Carter completed the pop up elements of the book. In total there are 8 pop-up spreads, each with unique and surprising elements. This is the type of pop up book that a child can read a dozen times and notice something new in each reading. The full text of the story is here alongside these mesmerizing special effects that help transform the story from great to fantastic.

horton hears a who pop-up! Horton Hears a Who Pop-up!: Other pop up books will frequently use adapted text which only contains a portion of the actual book. That is not the case with Dr. Seuss pop up books. This pop up contains the entire text of Horton Hears a Who but is made all the more dynamic thanks to the experienced hand of David A. Carter. In total there are 5 big pop ups, with 11 booklets and literally dozens and dozens of pull tabs and special effects.

Dr. Seuss has been so popular for so long because his tales are timeless. They cleverly depict what it feels like to be a kid, and they never talk down to their young audience. While it may seem that there can be no improving upon these classic tales, these pop up elements manage to do just that. They’re interesting, interactive, and take the stories to a whole new level.

dr. seuss pops up Dr. Seuss Pops Up: This is the biggest of all the Dr. Seuss pop up books and it pays homage to a total of 7 of his most loved books: The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, the Sneetches, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Fox in Socks and of course The Cat in the Hat Comes Back! It does not use the entire text of each book, but instead uses select parts of each to highlight the best of each book. The original art is also included in many of the pop ups.

Young readers will see the Cat in the Hat precariously balancing a cake, umbrella and the fish, they’ll see the Sneetches with stars on their tummies, the tweetle beetles fighting with their paddles in a puddle, and many more of the most beloved scenes from his most beloved books.

Some of the pop ups on this list contain the entire text of books, which is great for fans of those particular books. Readers who are just getting to know Dr. Seuss can choose a book that contains portions of 7 of his most beloved books. No matter what is chosen, hilarious stories and impressive pop ups will be the result.

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