Pop-Up Books

Pop up books are an excellent choice for reluctant readers who need a little incentive to become book lovers for life, but they’re also great choices for kids who already look forward to reading their bedtime book. We’ve compiled the best of the best pop books that are delighting and inspiring young readers.

Top 5 Pop Up Books

oh, the places you’ll go pop-up Oh, The Places You’ll Go Pop-Up: Fans of the original text are delightfully pleased when they see that the entirety of the original is included in this unique pop-up book. Created as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first printing, Oh, the Places You’ll Go Pop-Up was envisioned and executed by David A. Carter, a legendary paper engineer. The book comes with detailed pop-ups, pop-up booklets, lots of surprise special effects, and much more. Whether fans have enjoyed the book since it was first released or they experience it for the first time in pop-up form, it’s a hit for Seuss lovers of all ages.
abc3d ABC3D: Named as one of the most innovative ABC children’s books of all time, ABC3D is an amazing experience that blows the minds of children and adults alike. The book includes the 26 3-dimensional letters you’d expect, but not in the way you’d expect them! With a snap, C becomes D. M is there standing at attention. A flick of the wrist takes an X to a Y. You won’t believe what the U can do. As much a work of art as it is a book for children, there is nothing rehashed about this unique, inspiring, and altogether fantastical book.
one red dot One Red Dot: Like a visual hide-and-seek game, One Red Dot encourages readers to search and find the single red dot that’s hiding amongst each of the paper structures. It goes from 1-10 and each sculpture has its own unique attributes. Some flip-flop onto flaps, others flicker, some clicker, and there are orbs that tower and clack over the page. The book may look simple at first glance, with bold, primary colors and silver on black text, but the modern feel is very appealing to children. This is a book that’s perfect for bedtime, a special story time, or for collectors of elaborate and extraordinary books.
the wide-mouthed frog The Wide-Mouthed Frog: A funny little frog asks his neighbors about their eating habits, but his curiosity goes a little too far in this charming pop-up book. Based on a popular American folk tale, the 3-D book features a series of spreads that show and describe various animals and their foods of choice. There’s a fuzzy brown mouse who loves seeds and berries, a monstrous alligator with his own awe-inspiring food preferences, a bustling bird who eats worms and slugs – and of course the croaking frog with his mouth wide open to eat flies. This is a simple, bright, and sunny pop-up book that will get kids laughing out loud.
the little prince deluxe pop-up book The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book: A pilot becomes stranded in the middle of the desert, and who should he find but a little prince who shares his own story, which involves a journey from planet to planet and a quest to discover what’s most important in life. This is a classic tale written and first published more than 65 years ago by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, but it’s gotten quite the fantastic makeover as a pop-up book. The entire text is included, and the original illustrations are intact. Added are bursting pop-outs that help engage young readers in a whimsical tale that’s sold over 3 million copies in all.

Pop Up Books: Honorable Mentions

hungry monsters: a pop-up book of colors Hungry Monsters: A Pop-Up Book of Colors: What do starving monsters have for dinner? The answer depends on where those monsters live. In this hilarious and colorful book, you’ll learn that monsters who live under the bed will eat things like red underwear, while those who live in the bathroom will chow down on soap and bath toys. Full of funny rhymes and bright colors, kids love opening each page to reach into the monster’s mouth and find out exactly what he’s been eating. In addition to being a whimsical and amusing story, it’s also a great book to help children recognize colors.
600 black spots 600 Black Spots: David Carter, the creator of One Red Dot and Blue 2, did it again with 600 Black Spots – he created an entirely unique and captivating pop up book that engages readers like no other. Once again, this is a hide-and-seek book that challenges readers to find all the black spots peppered throughout the pages. The goal may seem simple initially, but there are tons of clever tricks and surprises that ensure kids will be kept guessing until the very end. One of the most captivating parts of David Carter’s books is the fact that they can entertain readers for hours on end, because there is simply so much going on.
snowflakes Snowflakes: For many children, snowflakes are one of the first introductions into the complex world of nature. This pop up book expertly details the intricacies and amazing properties of the delicate perspiration. At times focusing on the beauty, wonder and uniqueness of each snowflakes, and at others focusing on the fascinating science behind weather, the book is a hit for kids with a wide variety of interests. The book centers around Wilson A. Bently, the first person to ever photograph snowflakes, and includes hidden fun snowflake facts under each flap of the pop ups. This is one of the best picture books for children with an interest in science and nature.
the castaway pirates The Castaway Pirates: Ahoy, an adventure is on the way! This charming picture book is about 5 pirates who are doing everything they can to prevent being eaten by a shark, when tragedy strikes – their ship springs a leak! They try everything to plug the hole, from the captain’s coat to his rope. They finally come up with a smelly solution – their own feet! The sharks certainly don’t want to come anywhere near such smelly pirate feed. Each of the pop up spreads are colorful, intricate and full of high seas adventures. One by one, each one is more elaborate than the one before.
pop-up: everything you need to create your own pop-up book Pop-Up: Everything You Need to Create Your Own Pop-Up Book: Sometimes the best children’s books are those with a personal feel, but the idea of creating a pop up book can certainly lead most people to feel overwhelmed. That’s where this ingenious kit comes in. it comes with everything needed to create a unique and treasured pop up book, including the easiest instructions possible. Kids and adults can create dragons, castles, even Frankenstein. Glue and scissors aren’t required, because this book relies on press-out pieces that are already cut and that simply peel off and stick on. This is a great book that leads to hours of fun and creativity.
the amazing pop-up geography book The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book: Both a wonderful, charming book and an effective learning tool, The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book takes readers on a journey from the highest point of Mt. Everest all the way to the deepest part of the ocean. They’ll see pop-up volcanoes, mountains, and other natural features. Each continent is represented, and one only need lift the flap to see the various countries contained within, and their corresponding weather patterns such as blustering storms, earthquakes, and more. A pop-up globe is also included, so kids can twirl it and learn hundreds of new and interesting facts about our unique planet.
alphabugs Alphabugs: Uh oh, where are the Alphabugs going to strike next? Will it be in a jar of medium, pitted, California olives? Or a silver, black-handed waffle iron? Perhaps in a plain, brown rock? Each of these items hides a silly incest invention, as do numerous other familiar objects such as umbrellas, donuts, hammers, and more. Each of these objects comes through the story with bug eyes and antennae, and are transformed into a quite hilarious alphabet species. While the book does include plenty of pop-ups, there are also tons of pull-tabs and liftable flaps that make this is a truly interactive reading experience.
peter rabbit and friends: a pop-up book Peter Rabbit and Friends: A Pop-up Book: The world was first introduced to Peter Rabbit in 1902 via the instant classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit. All told, author and illustrator Beatrix Potter went on to write more than 20 books about this thoughtful rabbit and his friends. Generations have been following his silly romps, and now the younger generation has a new way to do so – through Peter Rabbit and Friends: A Pop-up Book. It’s smaller in size than many of the picture books on this list, which makes it a wonderful choice to add to an Easter basket, but despite its small size it’s still packed with pop-outs and exciting adventures.
trucks go pop! Trucks Go Pop!: There are so many different trucks in this wonderful pop-up book. Some are big, some are small, some are shiny and new, some are worn. Readers are treated to everything from construction diggers, to fire trucks, to snow blows, and even Mack trucks. Kids gasp and giggle with delight as they turn the book page by page to see all their favorite trucks just pop right off the page. The book also comes with a huge foldout Trucks poster. Created by Bob Staake, the winner of the 2006 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award, this is a book that little construction fans will adore.
10 little penguins 10 Little Penguins: Those who are familiar with Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet’s 365 Penguins will recognize the 10 stars of this pop up book. It all begins with the 10 penguins sitting on an icy shore. While it starts out with 10, as each page is turned one of them playfully exists the story until the reader gets to zero penguins. Like most of the books on this list, this is an interactive text, and kids can simply move the flaps to make the penguins disappear and reappear again. With style and humor, the creators have created a unique and hilarious book.
the night before christmas pop-up The Night Before Christmas Pop-up: Author and creator of The 12 Days of Christmas and The Christmas Alphabet pop-up books, Robert Sabuda, has brought yet another fantastic book to the market. He follows the classic Christmas story of the night before Christmas, but brings in the unique elements of a pop up book. The details include Santa popping in and out of the chimney, a bed folding out, a window shade rising and falling, and an entire family of creatures . . . not stirring all through the house. Of course, the best part of this book is likely the lively reindeer who seem to fly right out of the pages.

Pop up children’s books are a wonderful interactive way to truly engage children in the experience of reading. Reluctant readers are quick to get sucked in, while those who already love to read will find a new way to enjoy one of their favorite activities. The books on this list comprise the best of the best pop-up books for children.

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