The Tiny Seed

What is more beautiful that flowers, and what could be more amazing than seeing how they grow from a simple little seed, into the beauty that we treasure. In The Tiny Seed, Eric Carle teaches old and young alike, the miracle of the seed. The illustrations offer you an optical feast, with the colorful tissue paper like collages that make up the pictures through the story.

From growing in the flower pod to spilling into the wind, from landing on the ground to being carried on by other elements, when the seed finally makes it to the place it can grow, it has been through a lot. With the chances of not making it high, the ones that do make it are the ones that will take root in the dirt and grow into beautiful flowers. Showing the life cycle of a seed, and telling about how it is all a cycle that continues on and on, Eric Carle weaves a story out of something that we too often take for granted. When you share this story, The Tiny Seed, with your children, you will all learn more than you might think possible in children’s books.

Bringing nature to life, offering stories that are heartwarming and educational, is what Eric Carle does best. The Tiny Seed is no exception to his record of award winning books. With more to offer than your average children’s story, this is one book that you will enjoy with your children, over and over again. Though it is written for kids ages four to eight, it will be loved by young and old alike.

The Tiny Seed

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