Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

In a way that only Eric Carle can manage to do so completely, the father daughter bond is brought to life in Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me. Little Monica looks out the window and is amazed by the splendor of the moon. As she tries to reach for it, she is saddened to realize that she can’t reach it. When her father takes her outside to look at the evening sky, she asks him, “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me”?

As almost any father would when it means so much to his little girl, Monica’s father tries to get to the moon. He climbs up a ladder, up the side of a mountain, and up even higher. He finally reaches the moon, only to realize that it is way too big for him to carry. As he waits and tries to get it for her, the moon begins to shrink, until it is finally small enough for him to carry home to her. Monica soon learns about the cycle of the moon, and how it grows and shrinks. You and your children will enjoy this book and learn a bit about the lunar cycle in the process.

Any collector of  children’s books will want to add this endearing story to their collection. Anyone who has children will want to make sure they share this heartwarming tale of a little girl and her papa with their own children. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me is one of the timeless tales of love, trust, and family bonds.

papa get the moon for me

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