Oliver Button Is a Sissy

oliver button is a sissy

Many things change when children are growing up, but there are some things that stay the same, and unfortunately one of those things is the ability that we have to group people into where we believe they’re supposed to be. There are very few childrens books out there which touch on the sensitive subject of gender stereotyping, for the simple fact that there are so many ways in which you could write about the situation in a bad way. There are a few books, however, like Oliver Button Is a Sissy, which examine the situation of gender stereotyping and which bust the wall down about it.

Oliver Button Is a Sissy is about a young boy named Oliver who doesn’t like to do the things that all of the other boys do. He doesn’t play sports and doesn’t want to hang with the other boys. He likes to dance. His father wants him to act more like the other boys and everyone picks on him. But Oliver, however, doesn’t fall pray to their teasing and instead decides to just be himself.

When Oliver enters the school talent competition, he realizes that he has the chance to show his friends and family exactly what he’s good at and who he is. Oliver Button Is a Sissy is a great story that shows children, and parents, that it’s wrong to gender stereotype anyone, and that as long as you stick true to who you are and what you love, you’ll always be a winner.

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