“More More More,” Said the Baby

Children are forced to grow up so quickly these days, making childrens books like Vera B. Williams’ ““More More More,” Said the Baby” all the more refreshing.  In her Caldecott Honor Award winning book Williams relays the sheer delight of childhood as she tells the simple stories of three children each from a different ethnic background.  Her ability to introduce multiculturalism in such a comforting and simplistic way is part of what makes Williams’ picture books so successful and ““More More More,” Said the Baby” is by no means an exception to that rule.

“Little Pumpkin” for example, is African American with a grandmother who is Caucasian while other families illustrated here are from the same ethnic backgrounds with one being a white child and father and the other a child and mother both of Asian heritage .  The stories flow as naturally as they would occur in the real world thanks in no small part to the lush, vibrant gouache paintings that adorn each of the beautiful pages in ““More More More,” Said the Baby”.  This book will surely become a classic in time and it is a lovely way to bridge conversations about multicultural and multiethnic families with children in the preschool and kindergarten age group.

Vera B. Williams is surely a harbinger of the wonderful variety of things to come in the realm of books for children as well as the tremendous advances we as a society have made toward the ultimate goal of acceptance for all.

more more more said the baby


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