Listen to the Wind

Greg Mortenson is the author of one of the most inspiring picture books ever, Listen to the Wind. Taken from his story, his true story, Three Cups of Tea, this version of it is written for small children. With the story telling ability that will draw you and your children in, he shares his story of heroism and giving back with a warmth that will inspire doing good for others in even the youngest child.

listen to the wind

When Greg Mortenson was lost, he actually was on his last legs. He came upon a village in the Himalayan’s, and was taken in and cared for by the people in this small village. While there, he learned how poor and needy they were. He promised them that when he could, he would come back to the village and build a real school house for the children, who had been doing their lessons outside, using sticks in the dirt to learn how to write. When he returned, he did just as he had promised.

Not like other picture books, Listen to the Wind is actually told in the voice of the children of the village of Korphe, the village who saved his life. One of the most inspiring and encouraging picture books ever, Listen to the Wind offers a look at the premise that one person can change a lot in the world, even touching many lives at once. Written for ages four to eight, this version is great for any age and will be great for families to share together.


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