On a Scary, Scary Night

Written by a co-author of the I SPY books, On a Scary, Scary Night is one of the funnest and most engaging search and find books that you can purchase today. Walter Wick brings to life the scary things, but in a way that is fun and exciting. With a similar set up to the popular I SPY series, this is one of the picture books that will become more of a game, and even be able to help with passing the time while traveling or waiting for a meal at a restaurant.

On a Scary, Scary Night offers many illustrations that will amaze you as you look for particular things in each scene. With the emphasis on things that may be scary to some, but offering a humorous look at the things that are considered scary and horrifying, this type of book may even help kids overcome being scared at night, and help them look for the humor in the things that may normally scare them. Using it as a game is easy, have a competition to see who can find the most things on that page that are hidden. You can keep score through the entire book, or begin fresh with each page.

Not like other picture books, On a Scary, Scary Night will amuse and entertain old and young alike. With great attention to the detail in the illustrations, and an imagination that offers more than the average children’s book offers, this is sure to be one of the most treasured and fun books for children.

on a scary scary night

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