Eleventh Hour

Enchanting, titillating, and vividly colorful, Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base is one of the best children’s books for all ages. With the artistic mastery that will draw you and your children in, the beauty of the artwork is enhanced by the secrets that hide within.

From the Roman cathedrals to the Scottish palaces and even the carvings from India that are made out of stone, the secrets to the mystery of who stole the birthday feast are waiting to be discovered. With artwork that will delight the most experienced art critic, or the youngest child, the illustrations will be something to cherish.

Eleventh Hour has become one of the most sought after books for children, but is also loved by many adults. Graeme Base has a way of telling a story, weaving a mystery, and hiding the clues, in a way that will make you come back again and again to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Eleventh Hour is no exception. Horace the elephant has a birthday party with all his friends, but one of them decides to steal the birthday feast. Part of the fun of figuring out the mystery will be looking at all the clues, which you will have to find throughout the story. In pictures, and in the story, there are many things that may be easy to miss, but the detective in you and your children will come out as you enjoy the enchanting story and the colorful pictures that make up this delightful book.

eleventh hour

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