Mr Men

Since 1971 the Mr Men books have been delighting children and parents alike. These classic tales are simply drawn and focus on simple messages, yet they reach children in a way that many other books don’t. Let’s take a look at each book, beginning with the newest and moving back to the original books.

Mr. Men Books: Complete List

mr. nobody Mr. Nobody: There have been a total of forty-seven books published in this series, with Mr. Nobody as the most recent. It follows the story of Mr. Happy discovering somebody who is actually no one at all. You see, Mr. Nobody is literally not much of a person – or is he?
mr. good Mr. Good: Mr. Good lives in the town called Badland, where everyone is just that – bad. He decides to take a walk and much to his surprise ends up in Goodland, which is a land he fits into much better! Now Mr. Good lives in the wonderful world of Goodland, where everyone is just like him.
mr. rude Mr. Rude: With a French accent, Mr. Rude is rude to everyone around him. For example, he sees a man with a large nose and insults him, and he suggests to an overweight woman that she only eat what’s in the fridge – not the fridge as well. Mr. Rude is the type of person that no one wants to be around.
mr. cool Mr. Cool: Jack Robinson is ill and lying in bed, bored, when who should appear but the coolest guy in the whole world – Mr. Cool. With a snap of his fingers, he makes everything that happens to Jack full of fun. A cool trip down a really long slide brings this book to an end.
mr. cheerful Mr. Cheerful: The last of the Mr Men books to be written by Roger Hargreaves, and it focuses on Mr. Cheerful, who always has a bounce in his step and who looks on the bright side of things. In fact, he’s the second happiest guy in the world – second only to Mr. Happy.
mr. perfect Mr. Perfect: Lucky Mr. Perfect. He was blessed to be perfect in every way. He does everything right, never has a bad day – everything is perfect! It’s no surprise that his perfectness gets him in trouble with the jealous Mr. Uppity and Mr. Grumpy, who want to see something unperfect happen to him.
mr. grumble Mr. Grumble: Not quite the grumpiest in the whole world, Mr. Grumble takes a close second. In fact, that gives him one more thing to be grumpy about – missing the top spot! He hates it when people laugh, he hates it when people sing. “Bah!” he says, to anyone’s joy.
mr. brave Mr. Brave: He is the most courageous person in the entire world – or at least that’s what everyone says about Mr. Brave. In reality, Mr. Brave has one very big fear: heights. This story follows his journey as he discovers that having one fear doesn’t mean that he can’t be brave most of the time.
mr. slow Mr. Slow: As you probably guessed, Mr. Slow takes a really long time to do everything. He didn’t open his Christmas presents until New Year’s Eve, he didn’t write thank you notes until Easter, and he has a terrible time getting a job. Follow him on hilarious adventures in being slow and constantly behind the times.
mr. busy Mr. Busy: He simply can’t seem to stop rushing around, no matter the task – or the consequences. Mr. Busy cannot sit still! He finishes everything at least 10 times as fast as everyone else does, and while this can mean good things – it can also bring about negative consequences too.
mr. clever Mr. Clever: One of the unusual aspects of Mr. Clever is that he’s one of the few characters in this series of children’s picture books who has visible ears. It may be no coincidence that he’s also one of the smartest people in the entire world. Mr. Clever’s antics and experiences take place in the city of Cleverland.
mr. mischief Mr. Mischief: Always playing tricks on everyone, Mr. Mischief is forever getting into trouble! He breaks the chair of Mr. Happy, tricks Mr. Greedy with a ‘cake’ that’s really made of mud, and he fills Mr. Funny’s hat with jam. When a wizard comes along, Mr. Mischief is finally taught a lesson!
mr. skinny Mr. Skinny: From the world of Fatland, Mr. Skinny sees that everything and everyone is big – except for himself! He wants to fit in, so he visits Dr. Plump to talk about his small appetite, but Dr. Plump refers him to Mr. Greedy, who is the only hope for increasing Mr. Skinny’s appetite.
mr. wrong Mr. Wrong: It probably comes as no surprise that everything always goes wrong for Mr. Wrong. In fact, he even walks the wrong way! When he comes across Mr. Right, a man who looks just like him, but who does everything the right way, Mr. Wrong learns how to do a few things differently.
mr. nonsense Mr. Nonsense: Nonsenseland is the home of Mr. Nonsense, who has a house on top of a tree and lives in a row boat. His friends try to ask him questions to understand why he does the bizarre things he does, but every answer is more ridiculous than the last – including his answer for square snowballs!
mr. worry Mr. Worry: There is nothing Mr. Worry won’t worry about. When it rains, he worries about his leaking roof, when it doesn’t rain he worries about his plants. When he finds a way to ensure that nothing he worries about will happen, he starts to worry about his lack of things to worry about.
mr. tall Mr. Tall: There is nothing this man hates more than his huge legs. When he spends time with Mr. Small, he envies the fact that the smaller man can swim – until he discovers that there may actually be some uses for his overly large body parts – like getting home much faster than his friends.
mr. rush Mr. Rush: Mr. Rush is quite the rusher, which leads to nothing he ever does being done properly. His toast is never toasted, the water in his coffee is never hot. Only one of his teeth gets brushed, and he runs out of his house, only to discover that he’s go no where to go.
mr. quiet Mr. Quiet: Poor Mr. Quiet! He lives in Loudland, and everyone and everything in these Mr Men books is just too loud for his taste. In fact, the noise is quite scary for him! He can only whisper what he wants, which leads to the grocery store clerk, the milk man, the baker – and everyone else – to yell at him to speak up.
mr. clumsy Mr. Clumsy: Just as you may have guessed, Mr. Clumsy knocks everything over in his path! He goes shopping, but instead of grabbing a can of vegetables, he knocks over the entire display. He falls into puddles, he knocks down the hamper – he even falls out of his chair at the dinner table!
mr. grumpy Mr. Grumpy: There is no one in the whole world who’s grumpier than Mr. Grumpy. His mood is always bad, and he hates everything and everyone. Mr. Happy has a solution though – bring on Mr. Tickle. Will Mr. Grumpy see the error of his ways and become a happier person?
mr. strong Mr. Strong: Eating a lot of eggs has made this man super strong. He’s so buff that he can break anything, but in this tale he finally puts his powers to good use. When a local farmer’s barn catches on fire, the strength of Mr. Strong comes to save the day.
mr. impossible Mr. Impossible: There is nothing Mr. Impossible can’t do. His powers even extend to make it possible for him to motivate those around him. When he goes to school and meets a boy named William, he learns something new about his amazing powers to get anything done, and get anyone motivated.
mr. dizzy Mr. Dizzy: A resident of Cleverland, Mr. Dizzy knows that everyone is clever – that is everyone but him! One day, he finds a wishing well and wishes that he was clever too. This leads to several jokes that are indeed quite clever, but it’s up to the reader to decide if his jokes match up to those in other children’s picture books.
mr. muddle Mr. Muddle: Even the simplest things aren’t safe around Mr. Muddle, who can mess up anything. His house by the sea is quite beautiful, but he was supposed to live in the country and got it all wrong. A fishing trip leads to many mistakes, but the ending may surprise you.
mr. bounce Mr. Bounce: Mr. Bounce is little, and bouncy, and he moves around much like a rubber ball – which can make things quite difficult for him. When he finally decides he’s had it, he makes a trip to the doctor’s office to see if there is any hope for his bouncing ways.
mr. fussy Mr. Fussy: Mr. Fussy may as well be called Mr. Perfectionist, because he has to have everything just so. His hair, his mustache – even his shoelaces must be exactly the way he wants them. When chaos visits his home, Mr. Fussy isn’t sure he can handle it, but a surprise visit may change it all.
mr. chatterbox Mr. Chatterbox: It seems like this guy will never stop talking! His jabbering makes the mailman late, and it causes the hatter to eat a cold dinner. A magic hat that grows when Mr. Chatterbox talks too much finally helps him to curb his annoying and disruptive habit of talking when he should be listening.
mr. mean Mr. Mean: Not only is he mean, but Mr. Mean is cheap too – he won’t spend a cent of his own money. In fact, he gives his own brother a piece of coal for Christmas. When a wizard disguises himself as someone in need, Mr. Mean is finally called out on his bad behavior.
mr. funny Mr. Funny: A large teapot is Mr. Funny’s home, and he loves going for funny drives. One day he takes a long drive and not only cheers up the animals along his way, but stops at the zoo where he brightens the day of some animals who are feeling quite under the weather.
mr. lazy Mr. Lazy: Is he really lazy, or is he just sleepy? Mr. Lazy lives in Mr Men books town of Sleepyland, where time is all messed up. There are only 4 hours in each day, it takes 2 hours to boil water – and 3 hours just for bread to toast! One special dream makes Mr. Lazy realize how the real world works.
mr. jelly Mr. Jelly: There is nothing Mr. Jelly isn’t afraid of – even something as small as a twig snapping in the woods. He hides under his bedcovers until the day he spots a homeless person in the woods. Initially afraid of the man, eventually Mr. Jelly learns an important less about fear.
mr. forgetful Mr. Forgetful: Mr. Forgetful’s short memory is not very useful. One day he’s tasked with remembering a very important message from Farmer Fields. Will he remember the message? Fortunately, he does remember that there’s an important message to relay – but he’s got the words and the message all wrong.
mr. daydream Mr. Daydream: Jack is a very nice boy, and boy does he like to daydream! One day when he’s in a boring school lecture, he looks out the window and meets Mr. Daydream. Off on an adventure together, Jack has a lot more fun than he would have had in his boring ole classroom.
mr. small Mr. Small: So small is Mr. Small that he lives underneath a daisy. He eats some really big meals, and chats with his friend Walter the Worm about getting a job. Mr. Robinson overhears and tries to help Mr. Small, but it turns out that he really is too small for most tasks.
mr. uppity Mr. Uppity: Mr. Uppity is the richest man in his home of Bigtown. He thinks this gives him the right to be rude to everyone, until the day he meets a not-so-friendly goblin. When Mr. Uppity dares to be rude to the magic goblin, there will finally be consequences for his rude behavior.
mr. silly Mr. Silly: Nonsenseland is Mr. Silly’s home, and truly nothing makes much sense! The trees have red leaves, the grass is blue. A contest is held each year to see who is the silliest of them all, but Mr. Silly simply can’t think of an entry. A surprising ending will have you laughing.
mr. topsy-turvy Mr. Topsy-Turvy: Yet another of the characters in the Mr Men books who gets it all wrong, Mr. Topsy-Turvy simply can’t do anything right. One day he pays a visit to the town where YOU live, and he makes quite a mess of the streets, the stores and his hotel.
mr. messy Mr. Messy: Pink, messy – but with a big smile – Mr. Messy looks messy and lives a messy life. When Mr. Tidy comes to clean both home and body, will the transformation work? This book has some funny scenes and some uplifting consequences to being messy and finally learning how to be clean.
mr. snow Mr. Snow: Father Christmas helps transform an ordinary snowman into the living man Mr. Snow. This whimsical and seasonal tale encourages the reader to build a snowman of their own next time it snows – because Father Christmas just might need that snowman’s help with a secret project of his own!
mr. bump Mr. Bump: He simply can’t help it; Mr. Bump is always having accidents. When he goes on vacation, he falls of his boat. When he goes to the beach, he falls in a hole. When he wants a new career, the only one he can find is walking through an orchard and bumping apples from the trees.
mr. sneeze Mr. Sneeze: Shivertown is the capital of Coldland, and also the home of Mr. Sneeze. Everyone who lives there always has a red nose on account of all the sneezing. Mr. Sneeze gets fed up and journeys off to a land where there is never any sneezing, only to meet a wizard who explains why it’s important.
mr. nosey Mr. Nosey: Mr. Nosey sure didn’t get his name by accident. He’s always butting into everyone else’s business, and he is forever snooping around in everyone’s property. It’s no surprise that the other people in his town find this to be quite annoying! Finally, they get together to do something about it once and for all.
mr. happy Mr. Happy: Mr. Happy already has it all. After all, he’s happy all the time! But the time has come to help others feel the same way. When he discovers Mr. Miserable and realizes they look exactly alike, he decides to help the sad man become happy like he is.
mr. greedy Mr. Greedy: Mr. Greedy’s day begins with a huge breakfast, and a walk afterward that leads him to a cave where everything is much larger than he’d expect. He runs around trying to grab everything he can get his hands on, when a giant comes along to teach him a lesson about being greedy.
mr. tickle Mr. Tickle: The very first of the Mr Men books, Mr. Tickle is about a man with ridiculously long arms. In fact, they’re so long he can make breakfast without getting out of bed, and he can tickle everyone he sees, including a butcher, a mailman, a military man, a police officer and a grocery clerk.

These children’s picture books have stood the test of time for good reason. Some stories are simply silly, while others have a great lesson to teach to kids. No matter what the subject matter is, these are stories that kids can relate to and that will make them giggle out loud.

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