The Grouchy Ladybug

Eric Carle offers a charming story with a good message, in The Grouch Ladybug. With the colorful pictures that offer a visual meal, the story itself will come to life. When two ladybugs land on the same leaf to eat the aphids (little bugs that can kill plants), one of them is very grouchy. She isn’t willing to share and is even downright rude. She was ready to fight over her meal with anyone who got in her way. The only thing is, the other ladybug was just the opposite. She was willing to share, polite, and ended up offering The Grouchy Ladybug a lesson in manners and being polite, which was taken to heart as she actually began to change her ways.

Children’s books generally offer good stories with pictures that will enhance them. The Grouchy Ladybug offers even more. With lessons in manners, sharing, time, shapes, and size, as well as learning about Ladybugs, this is one book that is a must for anyone who loves children’s literature, or has children to share such a heartwarming tale with. This book is also available in the form of a board book for babies, and there is even a ladybug finger puppet you can get to enhance the story. Eric Carle’s creativity and ability to come up with stories and designs that draw kids of all ages into his stories, has made this book one that you and your kids will love. Sharing the story, and sharing the life lessons will offer you a fun and exciting way to spend time together.

the grouchy ladybug

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